Macca's Bootlegs

This is the catalogue of my bootlegs' collection. It features many unreleased songs written and performed by Paul McCartney. They are studio leftovers, demos or live recordings.

The following material is not for sale, just for documentation. The albums are listed in alphabetic order.

Live Tour in 1989/1990




04 Summer Tour, Estadio De Madrid, 30 May 2004   Paul McCartney recorded live at Estadio De Madrid, Spain, May 30th, 2004.  
1993 Docklands Press Conference, The   This is a press conference given by Paul at the beginning of the 1993 New World Tour. It probably happened just before or just after the first show performed at London Docklands, February 5th 1993.  
1st Live Show (uncomplete)   To be documented...  
24 May Red Square   An historic event: Paul McCartney recorded live at the Red Square, Moscow, Russia, May 24th, 2003.  
2 Buddies On Holly Days   Rehearsals by Denny Laine and Paul McCartney in 1976/1977 for a Denny's forthcoming album based upon Buddy Holly's songs. Some live performances recorded in 1979 during the Buddy Holly Week.  
4th Of July   Stage Mix recording at the Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, Washington, July 4th, 1990.  
Admit One   It's a surprise gig and you're invited! Here's your ticket to relive Paul McCartney's July 19, 1991 performance at Cliffs Pavilion, located in scenic Westcliff-On-Sea, just a few miles down the coast from Southend. 2-CDs set.  
Alternate Press To Play Album, The   All tracks from this bootleg are at an earlier stage, with different vocals than the released versions from the album Press To Play.  It makes a wonderful alternate album that could be better than the original one. Recorded in 1986.  
And All The Rest (vinyl)   Tracks from "One Hand Clapping", demos and some live recordings from the late eighties.  
Another Flaming Pie   Various live performances and alternate versions around Flaming Pie and the "Montserrat" show.  
Arizona Soundchecks 1990 / 
Cactus Club, Arizona 1986
  This recording features Paul McCartney's soundchecks at Sun Devil Stadium, Phoenix, Arizona, April 4th, 1990. It also inludes his live performance in Arizona, 1986 (a gig in front of 180 people, shot for the promotional clip "Stanglehold").  
Arles '72   Paul McCartney & Wings recorded live at the Theatre Antique in Arles, France, on July 13th, 1972.   
Back In Germany 2003   This 2-CD set features Paul's performance at Köln Arena, Germany, on April 27th, 2003  
Backyard+   This album includes the "Backyard" tape from Elstree studios, some outtakes from "James Paul McCartney" TV Special (1973) and some home demos.  
Ballroom Dancing   Tape of the last Wings' rehearsal before the break-up of the band. Recorded in summer 1980 at Finston Manor near Tottenham, this rehearsal was Paul's last attempt to hold Wings together as a group.  
Berkeley Concert 1990   Paul McCartney recorded live at Memorial Stadium, Berkeley, California April 1st, 1990.  
Cavern Gig, The    Paul McCartney’s historic concert from The Cavern Club in Liverpool on 14 December 1999. Broadcast by BBC Radio 2.  
Cold Cuts (vinyl)   Original vinyl "Cold Cuts" album with rejected songs from the seventies.  
Cold Cuts Vol.2   Various unreleased songs and instrumentals from the early seventies.  
Complete Cold Cuts   A compilation that makes up a wonderful collection of the "Cold Cuts" songs in their various states of remixing from 1970 to 1980.  
Complete Downunder   Wings recorded live in Melbourne and in Perth, 1975.  
Completed Rarities Vol.1   Various unreleased tracks, some Wings rehearsals and live recordings.  
Completed Rarities Vol.2   Prince's Trust live performance in 1986, live recordings from 1972 and 1989, and some takes from various live and studio rehearsals.  
Cottonfields   Paul McCartney & Wings recorded live in Ciné Roma, Antwerp, Belgium, 22 August 1972.
This live performance from Wings was part of their European Tour that took place in
July and August 1972.
Deleted Gems And Live Treasures   Various remixes, rehearsals and live recordings from the '79 and '89 tours.  
Devil Music   Some TV shows performed by Paul to promote Run Devil Run late 1999.  
Dream Apart, A   Paul McCartney recorded live at Memorial Stadium, Berkeley, California, 1990.  
Driving Atlanta    To be documented...  
Driving Japan Osaka Dome    To be documented...  
Driving Tampa    To be documented...  
Driving Tokyo! November 11th, 2002   This is the complete live show recorded at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan, November 11th, 2002. It features some songs that were not covered during the Driving USA tour, like Michelle, Let 'Em In and She's Leaving Home.  
Driving USA: Chicago    To be documented...  
Driving USA: Oakland, April 1st, 2002   This was the first concert of the Macca's American Tour, "Driving USA". 
It was performed at Oakland on
April 1st, 2002.
Driving USA: Philadelphia, April 16th, 2002   This was the sixth concert of the Macca's American Tour, "Driving USA". 
It was performed at Philadelphia on
April 16th, 2002.
Driving USA: Toronto, April 13th, 2002   This was the fifth concert of the Macca's American Tour, "Driving USA". 
It was performed at Toronto on
April 13th, 2002. There was a special performance of Mull Of Kintyre during this show.
Driving USA: Washington DC, April 24th, 2002   This concert of the Macca's American Tour "Driving USA" was performed at MCI Center, Washington DC, on April 24th, 2002.  
Eggs Up   Alternate Back To The Egg album. It includes some masters versions from the final album, some alternate takes and an unreleased song.  
Elstree Tapes, The   These sessions that happened in the Elstree studios were probably recorded in 1974 for the never released video 'One Hand Clapping'.  
First Night    Paul, recorded live at The Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York for the "Up Close" TV show, on December 10th, 1992.  
Friends Of The Earth (vinyl)   Recorded live at Alsterdorfer Sporthalle, Hamburg, West-Germany, 3 October 1989.  
Get Back To Glasgow   Paul McCartney and band recorded live at the Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre in Glasgow on 23rd June 1990.  
Goodbye America 1993   Live recording at the Blockbuster Pavillion in Charlotte, North Carolina, during the last date of the Paul McCartney USA Tour, 15 June 1993.  
Good Sign Vol.3   A-sides and B-sides from various singles.  
Good Times Comin'   Studio outtakes recorded between 1970 and 1986.  
Got Any Toothpicks?   This album consists of excerpts of the "Wings Over Europe" tour recorded in Belgium and in The Netherlands in late August 1972  
Her Majesty's Jubilee   Songs performed live by Paul McCartney during the Queen's Jubilee, on June 3rd, 2002.  
Highlights Downunder   Recorded live in Melbourne during The Wings World Tour on November 13th, 1975.  
Highlights Frankfurt   Live show at the Festhalle in Frankfurt, Germany, 23 February 1993.  
Hint Of The Blues, A   Various live performances and TV show appearances for the Run Devil Run promotion late 1999
Also some demos and chat about the songs from Flaming Pie.
Hit The Road Paul   Soundcheck at Sun Devil Stadium, Phoenix, Arizona, 4 April 1990. Live concert at University of California's Memorial Stadium, Berkeley, San Francisco, 31 March 1990.  
Holly Days 
(Denny Laine & Paul McCartney) 
  To be documented...  
Home Demo's   All songs recorded in 1977 at Paul's farm in Scotland with some help from Linda and Denny Laine.  
I Got Stung   Paul McCartney recorded live in New York, performing at the "Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame" induction, March 15th, 1999, and at "the Linda McCartney Tribute", Royal Albert Hall, London, April 10th, 1999.  
Imagine In Liverpool   Live on the banks of the Mersey at the King's Dock Arena, Liverpool, 28 June 1990.  
James Paul McCartney (vinyl)   Paul McCartney & Wings' american TV show broadcasted on April 16, 1973.  
Knebworth Concert, The   Paul McCartney's aid concert recorded live at Knebworth Festival,  June 30th, 1990.  
Last Flight   The complete performance that the final incarnation of Wings played at the Apollo Theatre in Glasgow, Scotland on December 17, 1979. Some bonus tracks taken from the Concert For The People Of Kampuchea on December 29, 1979  
Live Apple Acetate - Newcastle '73   Recording of the last Wings' concert of the '73 UK Tour. This happened at Newcastle City Hall on July 10, 1973.  
Live At Colosseum, 2003   Paul McCartney recorded live in Rome inside the Colosseum, on Saturday May 10th, 2003.  
Live At Earl's Court, 2003   Paul McCartney was recorded live at Earl's Court in London, on April 18th, 2003  
Live At Maracana   Paul McCartney recorded live at Maracana Stadium, Rio, Brazil, April 21st, 1990.  
Live In Birmingham 2003   Paul McCartney was recorded live in Birmingham by BBC Radio 2, on April 14th, 2003. The concert was partly broadcasted by the BBC, mixed with a Paul's interview.  
Live In Paris 1989   Live recording at Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy, Paris, France, 10 October 1989.  
London Town Roughs & Demos   Some demos and alternate takes from the London Town recording sessions.  
Looking For Changes   First of two nights recorded live at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York for "Up Close" TV show, 10 December 1992.  
Lost McCartney Album, The   Alternate takes and unreleased numbers from the "McCartney II" recording sessions.  
Macca Mixes   "Dance" remixes of some Paul's big hits from 1975/1980
These mixes were made in
2001 for the Wingspan project (promotional use). 
McCartney/Mac Manus Collaboration, The     Paul McCartney in collaboration with Elvis Costello : some demos from the "Flowers In The Dirt" sessions and some live performances.  
Madison Square Garden (vinyl)   Recording of one of Paul's shows at Madison Square Garden, New York, December 1989.  
Magical Mistery Tokyo   Soundcheck and live show recorded at the Tokyo Dome, Japan, 14 December 1993.  
Manchester, April 9, 2003    To be documented...  
Manchester, April 10, 2003    To be documented...  
Masie Songs   Various outakes, alternate versions and unreleased songs from 1972 to 1982.  
New York 92   Live in New York during the Off The Ground album presentation on 11 December 1992. Extracts from the MTV show 'Unplugged' in London, 1991.  
Old Friends From Montserrat   Various songs performed together by Paul McCartney and Carl Perkins. Some titles written by Carl Perkins and performed by Paul and his band.  
One Hand Clapping   Recorded live at EMI, Abbey Road Studio, for the never released video One Hand Clapping, Fall '74.  
One Hand Clapping (vinyl)   Wings rehearsing in Nashville, summer 1974, featuring two new Wings members: Jimmy McCulloch and Geoff Britton. Excerpts from Australian tour, Melbourne, November 1975, featuring Joe English on drums.  
Oobu Joobu Part 15
Oobu Joobu
Part 16
  A weekly radio program created, directed and presented by DeeJay Paul McCartney in 1995.  
 Other Sides Of McCartney, The   Various live performances and rejected tracks released as B-sides.  
 Paul McCartney Collection, The   This is not really a bootleg, but a promotional CD sampler issued by MPL before the release of the Paul McCartney remastered CD collection in 1993.  
 Paul McCartney Rocks   This is a promotional CD issued by MPL in 1990.  
 Piano Tape, The   Various home recordings from 1974. Many of these recordings will remain unreleased. Others won't be released until 1978.  
 Pizza And Fairy Tales   Outtakes, demos and alternate takes from 1985-1987. Except for the song "Peacocks", all tracks are already 
available on The Alternate Press To Play Album and on Return To Lindiana
 Plugged And Unplugged   Recordings of the Buddy Holly event at the Lonestar Cafe, New York, September 1990. Unreleased part of the MTV show Unplugged, London, 25 January 1991  
Rehearsals For The New World Tour 1993   Paul, live at the London Arena, London, England for a rehearsal concert - 5 February 1993.   CD 2 is completed with part of one of the 1991 "surprise gigs", a live show performed in Westcliff-On-Sea, England - 19 July 1991.  
Return To Lindiana   Taken from a tape compilation (dated 1/21/88) for Trevor Horn, who produced the last two tracks for Flowers In The Dirt. Unreleased songs and alternate takes recorded between 1984 and 1987.  
Return To Pepperland   The songs on this album were all recorded between 1984 and  1987 (some with Phil Ramone producing). Most of them remain unreleased to this day whilst others (most notably "Beautiful Night") were re-recorded. Only a handfull crept onto various CD-single B-sides more than 10 years later.  
Rock And Roll Jam Sessions   Paul McCartney frequently jammed in the studio in the late seventies with Denny Laine. These jams served as auditions for members for a new band.  
Rockestra Session   Recordings from the Rockestra Theme rehearsal sessions for the Back To The Egg album.   
Royal Performance, A   A concert performed by Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello and various musicians at St.James's Palace, London, 23 March 1995 (radio broadcast)  
Rrrrrrooock Show   Paul McCartney & Wings, live at The Forum, Inglewood (Los Angeles), California, USA, June 23, 1976. The recordings were taken at the soundboard from a multi-track mixing desk source.   
Rude Studio Demos   Various home demos, alternate versions and unreleased songs from the Tug Of War and Pipes Of Peace recording sessions.  
Saturday Night Live Rehearsals 1993   Some live rehearsals in 1993.  
Sold On Songs Radio Paul performs live at Abbey Road studios on February 27, 2006  for the promotion of Chaos and Creation.
Soundcheck Songs, The   A wonderful compilation of soundcheck songs, rehearsals and jam sessions, coming mostly from the '89 & '93 World Tours.  
Soundcheck '93, The   Live recording during the soundcheck in Milan, Italy, 18/19 February 1993.  
Stade de France, Paris, 24 June 2004   Paul McCartney recorded live at Stade de France in Paris, France, June 24th, 2004.  
Studio Tracks Vol. 1   Studio outtakes, alternate takes, home demos and B-sides recorded between 1972 and 1987.  
Studio Tracks Vol. 2   Home demos recorded in 1980 for the never released animated film "Ruppert The Bear".  
Studio Tracks Vol. 3   Studio outtakes recorded between 1972 and 1979.  
Studio Tracks Vol. 4   Home-demos for "Tug Of War" LP recorded in 1980.
Track 15 is a studio outtake from
This One   Live show at the Beacon Theatre, New York City, USA, 14 March 1990.  
Together On Stage 
(Paul Simon & Paul McCartney) 
  To be documented...  
Toronto 1976 Complete   Paul McCartney & Wings, live at Maple Leaf Garden, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, May 9th, 1976.  
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 1   Red Rose Speedway outtakes and alternate takes. And some live performances from the Newcastle concert, 1973.  
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 2   Outtakes, alternate takes and unreleased songs from 1970 to 1974, including some backing tracks (without vocals) from the RAM recording sessions in late 1970.   
Venus And Mars - Basic Trax   Alternate takes from the Venus And Mars album recording sessions in 1975.  
Water Wings   Alternate takes & different mixes from the "London Town" recording sessions. Some of these takes were recorded on the yacht Fair Carol in May 1977 (Watermelon Bay, Virgin Islands, US).  
When It Rains, It Pours   Wings' rehearsals in October 1980 for the new album Tug Of War. The band also covers old rock & roll standards.  
Wings Over Switzerland   Wings recorded live at the Pavillion in Montreux, Switzerland, 22 July 1972 (Wings' European Tour in 1972).  

And many other titles to come...