The Lost McCartney Album 


Date: 2000
Label: Voxx
Reference:  VOXX 0007-01/02
Sound quality: Very good
Source: Probably taken from the original eighties double LP bootleg.
Package:  2-CD set
Total Playing Time CD1 :  39:59
Total Playing Time CD2 :  43:10

Alternate takes and unreleased numbers from the "McCartney II" recording sessions.

Track list:

CD 1
1  Front Parlour  Paul McCartney 5:07 Longer than the final release.
2  Frozen Jap  Paul McCartney 5:31
3  All You Horseriders  Paul McCartney 3:43 Unreleased track.
4  Blue Sway  Paul McCartney 6:04
5  Temporary Secretary  Paul McCartney 3:14 Slightly faster versions.
6  On The Way  Paul McCartney 3:38
7  Mr. H. Atom  Paul McCartney 2:18 Unreleased track -Linda singing lead.
8  Summer's Day Song  Paul McCartney 3:17 Instrumental version, no vocal.
9  You Know I'll Get You Baby  Paul McCartney 3:47 Unreleased numbers.
10  Bogey Wobble  Paul McCartney 3:15
CD 2
1  Darkroom  Paul McCartney 3:40 Longer version than the final release.
2  One Of These Days  Paul McCartney 3:37  
3  Secret Friend  Paul McCartney 10:30 Not released on the final album, but released as the B-side of the Temporary Secretary single in England.
4  Bogey Music  Paul McCartney 3:27  
5  Check My Machine  Paul McCartney 8:39 Not released on the final album. This track was then remixed and drastically shortened in order to appear as the B-side of the "Waterfalls" single.
6  Nobody Knows  Paul McCartney 2:53  
7  Waterfalls  Paul McCartney 4:48  
8  Coming Up  Paul McCartney 5:32 Different and longer mix than the released one.