The Elstree Tapes

cover scan

RS Records, RS CD 15
Made: 1990
Total Playing Time: 56:14

Source : Live sessions from Elstree studio (date is unknown).

1 My Love4:24
2 19856:03
3 Live And Let Die3:22
4 Little Woman Love 1/C Moon/Little Woman Love 2 5:17
5 Band On The Run5:56
6 Junior's Farm4:18
7 Hi Hi Hi/Go Now6:53
8 Maybe I'm Amazed5:26
9 Blackbird2:44
10 Bluebird3:36
11 Jet4:00
12 Soily4:15

Paul & Wings rehearsing at Elstree studio.

These sessions were probably recorded in 1974 for the never released video 'One Hand Clapping'.

Track 4 features
Little Woman Love. The band stops in the middle and starts performing C Moon before finally ending the take of Little Woman Love.

Track 9 features an interesting take of
Blackbird. At the beginning of the song, Paul gets the words wrong and has to start again. At the end of the take, he also gets some chords wrong.

Track 12 is take 7 from