Live At Colosseum, 2003  

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No Label,
Date: 2003,
Sound quality: good audience recording.
2-CD set,
Total Playing Time CD1 : 45:52
Total Playing Time CD2 : 48:05

Paul McCartney recorded live in Rome inside the Colosseum, on Saturday May 10th, 2003.

     "Sir Paul McCartney played an historic concert to just 400 people inside the Colosseum in Rome on Saturday (May 10). The event - one of the first live shows to be played at the venue - was held as a warm-up for the huge free concert that was hosted by Macca outside the 2,000-year-old ruin yesterday.
     Tickets for the event were sold for up to 1,295 Euros (925) via internet auction, with proceeds going towards landmine charity Adopt-A-Minefield and the upkeep of Rome's historic sites.
"I think we're the first band to play here since the Christians," joked the former Beatle, as several hundred ticket-less fans stood outside the venue, hoping to hear the music.
     According to the BBC, the Colosseum was illuminated by multicoloured lights and was filled with dry ice during the mostly-acoustic 100-minute set.
Sir Paul performed more than 20 Beatles songs during the concert, including a ukulele rendition of George Harrison's 'Something'. "As you can imagine, this is a magnificent occasion for us," he told the crowd.
     Meanwhile, around 500,000 fans flocked to the Italian capital for McCartney's free (and slightly larger scale) concert last night
(May 11). Sir Paul performed for almost three hours and played a variety of Beatles, Wings and solo material."

Track list:

CD 1
1  I've just Seen A Face  Paul McCartney / John Lennon 2:13  
2  Midnight Special  Leadbelly (Traditional) 2:39  
3  Things We Said Today  Paul McCartney / John Lennon 3:10  
4  Honey Don't  Carl Perkins 3:01  
5  All Things Must Pass  George Harrison 3:31  
6  Your Loving Flame  Paul McCartney 4:06  
7  All My Loving  Paul McCartney / John Lennon 2:58  
8  Blackbird  Paul McCartney / John Lennon 3:26  
9  Every Night  Paul McCartney 2:50  
10  We Can Work It Out  Paul McCartney / John Lennon 3:04  
11  You Never Give Me Your Money /
 Carry That Weight
 Paul McCartney / John Lennon 3:26  
12  The Fool On The Hill  Paul McCartney / John Lennon 3:49  
13  Here Today  Paul McCartney 3:49  
14  Something  George Harrison 3:50  
CD 2
1  Eleanor Rigby  Paul McCartney / John Lennon 3:22  
2  Calico Skies  Paul McCartney  2:44  
3  Here, There And Everywhere  Paul McCartney / John Lennon 2:28  
4  Michelle  Paul McCartney / John Lennon 4:27  
5  Two Of Us  Paul McCartney / John Lennon 3:52  
6  Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare)  Migilacci / Modugno 1:25  
7  Can't Buy Me Love  Paul McCartney / John Lennon 2:24  
8  My Love  Paul McCartney  4:30  
9  Let It Be  Paul McCartney / John Lennon 3:53  
10  Hey Jude  Paul McCartney / John Lennon 7:40  
11  Encore    1:19  
12  Yesterday  Paul McCartney / John Lennon 2:31  
13  Lady Madonna  Paul McCartney / John Lennon 3:02  
14  I Saw Her Standing There   Paul McCartney / John Lennon 4:28