Masie Songs

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Total Playing Time : 69:43
Sound quality : excellent.

Various outakes, alternate versions and unreleased songs from 1972 to 1982.

Track list:

1 I'll Give You A Ring  Released as the B-side of Take It Away in 1982 3:14
2 Masie Laurence Juber, rejected from Back To The Egg 2:14
3 I Would Only Smile Denny Laine, rejected from Red Rose Speedway. The song was finally released on Denny Laine's LP In Flight in 1984. 3:27
4 Send Me The Heart McCartney/Laine, Nashville's rehearsals in 1974. The song was finally released on Denny Laine's LP Japanese Tears in 1980. 3:44
5 Ebony And Ivory Paul, solo version without Stevie Wonder, released as a single in 1982  3:57
6 Waterspout Paul, rejected form London Town 2:40
7 Waterfalls Alternate version from McCartney II recording sessions  3:37
8 Hi Hi Hi Nashville's rehearsals in 1974, single was released in 1972 2:58
9 Arrow Through Me / Winter Rose   

Alternate versions from Back To The Egg recording sessions 



10 Love Awake 5:16
11 Old Siam Sir 4:23
12 Weep For Love Denny Laine, rejected from Back To The Egg. The song was finally released on Denny Laine's LP In Flight in 1984 4:40
13 Complaint To The Queen 

Eat At Home Intro

Live on Dutch radio

Live in Rotterdam, 1972

14 Night Out Paul, rejected from Red Rose Speedway, in 1972. Many overdubs in the following years. 2:11
15 Oriental Nightfish Linda, from the Band On The Run recording sessions, released on the Rupert video in 1984 2:44
16 Wide Prairie Recorded by Paul and Linda in Paris in 1973 and 1974. Finally released on Linda's Wide Prairie album in 1998. 11:21
17 Tomorrow  Instrumental version recorded during the Venus And Mars sessions in 1975. Original song is on Wings Wild Life album from 1971. 3:30
18 Proud Mum Unreleased song from 1974. 1:58
19 Proud Mum (reprise) 0:31