Her Majesty's Jubilee, June 3rd, 2002  

Front Cover  Back Cover

Label/Publisher: unknown,
No artwork (this one above made by me),
1 CD,
Sound quality: excellent, 
Total Playing Time CD1 : 27:22

Rod Stewart, Ozzy Osborne, Sir Cliff Richard, Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, Rod Stewart & Sir Paul McCartney sung on stage during the finale in the gardens of Buckingham Palace Monday June 3, 2002, after the second concert to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Britain's Queen Elizabeth.

Sir Paul McCartney was seen (back cover) on a large screen as he rehearsed at Buckingham Palace, Monday June 3, 2002, where he had to play in the Golden Jubilee concert later that night. 

During the Golden Jubilee concert, Paul McCartney performed seven songs. Six of them are featured on this bootleg (it misses I Saw Her Standing There).

Track list :

1 Her Majesty performed by Paul solo on acoustic  Lennon / McCartney 0:51
2 Backbird performed by Paul solo on acoustic  Lennon / McCartney 2:33
3 While My Guitar Gently Weeps  Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney and the band*  George Harrison 5:29
4 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
(Reprise) / The End
Paul with the band*  Lennon / McCartney 3:52
5 All You Need Is Love  Jam with Paul McCartney, Joe Cocker, Rod Stewart and the band*.  Lennon / McCartney 3:33
6 Prince Charles' Speech     4:15
7 Hey Jude Paul (jam) Lennon / McCartney 6:49

* : the band was the Driving Rain band (Abe, Rusty, Brian) and Wix.