Rehearsals For The New World Tour 1993  

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Label: Music With Love
Date: ?
2 CD set: MWL 21/22
Sound quality: good audience recording
Total Playing Time CD1 : 71:23
Total Playing Time CD2 : 69:26

Paul, live at the London Arena, London, England for a rehearsal concert - 5 February 1993.   
CD n2 is completed with part of one of the 1991 "surprise gigs", a live show performed at Cliffs Pavilion, Westcliff-On-Sea, Essex, England -
19 July 1991 (with a wonderful and enthusiastic audience !).

Review of the London Concert by Keith Badman (excerpt of his book, "The Beatles Diary - Volume 2: After The Breakup") :

  "At 6:30pm, at the Docklands Arena, in London, Paul conducts a 25-minute press conference, where he announces the first European leg of his New World Tour and takes questions from the gathering press, which are fielded by his publicist Bernard Doherty. This is then followed, at approximately 7:30pm, by a 90-minute rehearsal concert before approximately 3,000 people, comprising reporters who have remained from the press conference, members of Paul's fan club and 25 winners of the Daily Mirror competition run in the newspaper on January 23. During the conference, Bernard Doherty goes to great lengths to point out to the press that the show tonight is "only a rehearsal and is being presented without its full complement of lighting and stage technology" (Although this gig is reported to be a "secret" event, because Paul has been rehearsing at the venue for the last couple of days, tonight's concert had become common knowledge among industry people and fans alike.)....." Continue the review...

Track list - CD1:

Live at the Docklands Arena, London, England - 5 February 1993.   
1  Drive My Car  Lennon / McCartney 2:33
2  Coming Up  Paul McCartney  5:24
3  Get Out Of My Way  Paul McCartney 4:17
4  Another Day  Paul & Linda McCartney  4:09
5  All My Loving   Lennon / McCartney 2:48
6  Let Me Roll It  Paul McCartney 4:09
7  Piece In The Neighbourhood  Paul McCartney 5:44
8  Off The Ground  Paul McCartney 4:05
9  I Wanna Be Your Man  Lennon / McCartney 3:02
10  Robbie's Bit  Robbie McIntosh 2:08
11  Good Rockin' Tonight  Brown 2:45
12  We Can Work It Out   Lennon / McCartney 2:26
13  And I Love Her   Lennon / McCartney 3:10
14  Every Night   Paul McCartney  3:44
15  Hope Of Deliverance  Paul McCartney  4:32
16  Michelle  Lennon / McCartney 3:20
At this point, Paul performed 'Biker Like An Icon' and 'Here, There And Everywhere', but these two numbers do not appear on this bootleg.
17  Yesterday  Lennon / McCartney 2:14
18  My Love  Paul McCartney 4:26
19  Lady Madonna  Lennon / McCartney 3:02
20  Live And Let Die  Paul McCartney 3:25


  "..... Paul's repertoire this evening, where he is joined by his regular band, includes 'Drive My Car','Coming Up','Get Out Of My Way', 'Another Day', 'All My Loving', 'Let Me Roll It','Peace In The Neighbourhood', 'Off The Ground' and 'I Wanna Be Your Man'. (Robbie Mclntosh then performs a guitar solo while the rest of the band leave the stage for a set change.) An acoustic set then follows, including 'Good Rockin' Tonight','We Can Work It Out', 'And I Love Her', 'Every Night', 'Hope Of Deliverance', 'Michelle', 'Biker Like An Icon', 'Here, There And Everywhere' and 'Yesterday'. Paul then takes to his baby grand piano, which had risen centre stage from beneath the floor, where, again with the band, he performs 'My Love', 'Lady Madonna', 'Live And Let Die' and 'Let It Be'. For an encore, the band performs 'Sgt. Pepper's', a track which Paul announced before its start that he had not intended to do. (Note: For the upcoming tour, two further tracks, 'Paperback Writer' and 'Magical Mystery Tour', will be added to this set list.)

  Incidentally, prior to the show, a live backstage interview is carried out with Paul and transmitted on the Carlton ITV news programme London Tonight. The feature also includes an excerpt of Paul and his band performing 'Get Out Of My Way'. Camera teams from stations such as Meridian (ITV), CNN in America and MTV in Europe are also there to capture the proceedings. Further clips from the conference are transmitted on the ITV breakfast station GMTV the following morning, Saturday February 6.

  A selection of five videotaped tracks from tonight, 'Drive My Car', 'Coming Up', 'Get Out Of My Way', 'All My Loving' and 'Hope Of Deliverance', are licensed from MPL by ABC TV of America for inclusion in the March 12 edition of US TV show In Concert '93. Due to a disagreement over the arrangements, the footage is never screened and instead is replaced by the official MPL promotional video for 'Get Out Of My Way'."

Track list - CD2

Live at the Docklands Arena, London, England - 5 February 1993.   
1  Let It Be  Lennon / McCartney 4:42
2  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  Lennon / McCartney 7:04
Live at Cliffs Pavilion, Westcliff-On-Sea, Essex, England - 19 July 1991.   
3  Mean Woman Blues  Demetrius / DeMetruis 3:06
4  Be-Bop-A-Lula  Vincent / Davis 3:35
5  We Can Work It Out  Lennon / McCartney 2:41
6  San Francisco Bay Blues  Fuller 3:12
7  Every Night  Paul McCartney  3:45
8  Here, There & Everywhere  Lennon / McCartney 2:56
9  That Would Be Something  Paul McCartney  3:09
10  Down To The River   Paul McCartney  3:35
11  And I Love Her  Lennon / McCartney 3:09
12  She's A Woman  Lennon / McCartney 4:01
13  I Lost My Litle Girl   Paul McCartney 1:41
14  Ain't No Sunshine  Withers 4:26
15  Hi Heel Sneakers  Higgenbotham 3:58
16  I've Just Seen A Face  Lennon / McCartney 2:58
Live at Cliffs Pavilion, Westcliff-On-Sea, Essex, England - 19 July 1991.

Poetry reading by Adrian Mitchell with backing by Paul & band (Adrian Mitchell edited and advised Paul on his own collection of poems, "Blackbird Singing", released in 2001).
17  Song In Space  Adrian Mitchell 1:42
18  I Like That Stuff 2:07
19  Maybe May Time (/ "Junk" instrumental) 2:16
20  Hot Poursuit 2:00
Live at Cliffs Pavilion, Westcliff-On-Sea, Essex, England - 19 July 1991.
21  Good Rockin' Tonight  Brown 3:23