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Paul and the band - World Tour 1989/1990 With the release of Flowers In The Dirt in June 1989, Paul McCartney recovered success by producing one of its major works,  whose quality is comparable with the one of Band On The Run or Tug Of War.

For the recording sessions of Flowers In The Dirt, Paul was backed by a whole bunch of skilful, experienced and well-known musicians. Paul knew how to gather these people around him to reform a solid group. This new band enabled him to connect the release of his new album with a huge World Tour among the most prestigious ones. Indeed, this genuine team reconstituted around Paul, gave him all the bases to hit the road again 10 years after his lastest tour carried out with Wings (UK Tour in 1979).

This first World Tour started in 1989 and lasted till 1990.

Paul's band in 1989 (picture above). From left to right: Chris Whitten (drums) who had already made his appearance at the side of Paul for the Russian album, Back In The USSR - Hamish Stuart (vocals, electric guitar, bass), ex- Average White Band - Linda McCartney (vocals, keyboards) - Robbie McIntosh (vocals, electric guitar, ex-Pretenders - Paul McCartney (vocals, bass, electric guitar, piano) - Paul "Wix" Wickens (vocals, keyboards), a studio musician.

After two years (1991, 1992) of small gigs and various live appearances (like "Unplugged" on MTV), Paul released a second album in 1993, Off The Ground, with virtually the same band. This was the starting point of a second World Tour in 1993. The band remained the same as in 1989, except that Blair Cunningham replaced Chris Whitten on the drums.

The galleries (links on the right) cover these five years of "touring" (1989-1993). Browsing through them, you will discover all the dates, places and special events relating to these concerts. A lot of "live" pictures are featured here all along the pages, but they have not necessarily a direct correlation to the text beside (in term of dates).

Credits: most of the informations regarding Paul's concerts are extracted from the excellent book "The Beatles Diary - Volume 2: After The Break-Up" by Keith Badman.

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Paul and the band - World Tour 1993
Paul's band for the World Tour '93.

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