Paul's Solo Albums

This is Paul McCartney's solo discography from 1966 to nowadays. Most of the album reviews contain a track list, an overview of the songs and many photographs relating to Paul and his work.

  1966   The Family Way         1988   Choba B CCCP        
  1970   McCartney     Review   1989   Flowers In The Dirt        
  1971   Ram     Review   1990   Tripping The Live Fantastic     Review  
  1971   Wings Wild Life     Review   1991   Unplugged: The Official Bootleg        
  1973   Red Rose Speedway     Review   1991   Liverpool Oratorio        
  1973   Band On The Run     Review   1992   Mike McGear McCartney (CD)        
  1974   Mike McGear McCartney         1993   Off The Ground        
  1975   Venus And Mars     Review   1993   Off The Ground The Complete Works         
  1976   Wings At The Speed Of Sound     Review   1993   Paul Is Live        
  1976   Wings Over America     Review   1993   Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest        
  1977   Instrumentals         1995   The Family Way (CD Release)        
  1978   London Town     Review   1997   Flaming Pie     Review  
  1978   Wings Greatest     Review   1997   Standing Stone        
  1979   Back To The Egg Tracks   Review   1998   The Greatest Tracks      
  1980   McCartney II     Review   1998   Rushes        
  1982   Tug Of War     Review   1999   Run Devil Run     Review  
  1983   Pipes Of Peace Tracks   Review   1999    Working Classical        
  1984   Give My Regards To Broad Street     Review   2000   A Garland For Linda     Review  
  1986       Press To Play Tracks   Review   2001   Wingspan Tracks   Review  
  1987   All The Best         2001   Driving Rain     Review  
                2002   Back In The U.S.     Review  
                2005   Chaos And Creation In The Backyard     Review  


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