A Garland For Linda (2000)

This chamber music album is a tribute to Linda McCartney's memory. It contributed to launch The Garland Appeal, a registered charity with the aim to raise money for cancer research and British music.

The first track is
Silence and Music (Ralph Vaughan Williams), composed for A Garland For The Queen, a tribute to the Queen Eilzabeth II paid by ten British composers and ten poets in 1953. This was a precedent for A Garland For Linda.

Nine composers, including Paul, contributed to the nine other tracks on this album. All the compositions were completed by mid-May 1999 and were given their world premiere at Charterhouse Chapel on Sunday 18th July 1999, by the Joyful Company of Singers.

The Choir...
The Joyful Company of Singers.

Track listing:

Time Composer
Silence And Music
Prayer For The Healing Of The Sick
Water Lilies  
Musica Dei Donum 
The Doorway Of The Dawn
I Dream'd           
The Flight Of The Swan     
A Good-Night        


Ralph Vaughan Williams
John Tavener
Judith Bingham
John Rutter
David Mattews
Sir Paul McCartney
Roxanna Panufnik
Michael Berkeley
Giles Swayne
Sir Richard Rodney Bennett

Paul & Linda together The booklet:

The booklet includes a photo and a personal note by Paul.
Then follows an explanation of the origins of
A Garland For Linda by Stephen Connock, chairman of The Garland Appeal, registered charity for cancer research. It also includes a photo and a brief biography of Linda McCartney.
The background of each composer is described within a page that includes the lyrics sung by the Choir.
Then follows a note about the background of
The Joyful Company Of Singers and a photo of the Choir.
Finally, a note explains the aims of
The Garland Appeal and gives the adresses to which you can send your donations. The note is followed by a nice photo with Paul & Linda together.

Paul & Linda together.

Nova (by Sir Paul McCartney) - booklet's extract

"Nova was written for A Garland For Linda, to a text by the composer, in the period from November 1998 to May 1999. The questioning opening - 'Are You there? God where are You' - is ambigous in terms of key, and the questioning spirit dominates the first part of the work. The answer - 'I am here in every song you sing', double forte from the tenors and the basses - introduces the second part of the work. The tonality is clearer and Paul McCartney's lyrical and melodic strength is evident. The theme at 'I am here in every song you sing' is instantly memorable. The affirmatory tone at 'with each step I'll be that arm that guides' is followed by a gentle, conciliatory ending."

Sir Paul McCartney
Sir Paul...

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