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McCartney, on the road again After the release of Driving Rain in 2001 (his first studio of fresh McCartney's songs since the 1997 release of Flaming Pie), Paul started a new fabulous tour in spring 2002 to promote his latest album. 

The first leg of the tour, called "Driving USA", happened in the US. After some summer holidays, a second leg, "Back To The US", extended the US tour. The tour then moved to Mexico and to Japan, and ended after the cancellation of the originally programmed Australian concerts.

The whole tour was a tremendous success. Paul was at his best, backed by two musicians who had already helped him recording  Driving Rain: Rusty Anderson and Abe Laboriel Jnr.
Two other musicians joined McCartney for this tour: "Wix" Wickens (keyboards) who was already part of Paul's World Tours in
1989 and 1993, and Brian Ray, a studio guitarist.

Rusty Anderson, Abe Laboriel Jnr, Paul McCartney, Paul "Wix" Wickens, Brian Ray

THE BAND Paul McCartney   vocals, bass guitar, guitars and piano
  Rusty Anderson   guitars and backing vocals
  Abe Loboriel Jnr   drums, percussion and backing vocals
  Brian Ray   guitar, bass guitar and backing vocals
  Paul "Wix" Wickens   keyboards, backing vocals and programming


McCartney and his gang In November 2002, Paul released a live double-CD set, Back In The U.S., which includes 35 songs performed lived during the US tour of 2002. A DVD concert film of the same name was released at the same time.

The new CDs feature 20 tracks that are Beatles' songs, including some titles that were never performed live before, like
Getting Better, Mother Nature's Son, Hello Goodbye or Sgt. Peppers (reprise). It also includes a cover of George Harrison's Something as a tribute. 

Of course the two live CDs include material from
Driving Rain. They also feature classic Wings and solo tracks. Here again, two old songs were covered live for the first time, Here Today and C Moon (which had been more a soundcheck title until nowadays). Also featured is the recent song Vanilla Sky written by Paul for the film of the same name.



Here comes the tracklist of the two-CD set.

Running time CD 1: 54:41

Running time CD 2: 60:46


Enthusiastic crowd

Enthusiastic crowd

CD 1:

Hello Goodbye 03:46 Paul McCartney & John Lennon  
2 Jet 04:03 Paul & Linda McCartney  
3 All My Loving 02:09 Paul McCartney & John Lennon  
4 Getting Better 03:10 Paul McCartney & John Lennon  
5 Coming Up 03:26 Paul McCartney   
6 Let Me Roll It 04:24 Paul & Linda McCartney  
7 Lonely Road 03:12 Paul McCartney   
8 Driving Rain 03:11 Paul McCartney   
9 Your Loving Flame 03:29 Paul McCartney   
10  Blackbird 02:30 Paul McCartney & John Lennon  
11 Every Night 02:51 Paul McCartney   
12 We Can Work It Out 02:30 Paul McCartney & John Lennon  
13 Mother Nature's Son 02:11 Paul McCartney & John Lennon  
14 Vanilla Sky 02:30 Paul McCartney   
15 Carry That Weight 03:06 Paul McCartney & John Lennon  
16 The Fool On The Hill 03:09 Paul McCartney & John Lennon  
17 Here Today 02:28 Paul McCartney   
18 Something 02:33 George Harrison   

The band's greetings

CD 2:

Eleanor Rigby 02:17

Paul McCartney & John Lennon

Here, There And Everywhere 02:26 Paul McCartney & John Lennon
3 Band On The Run  05.00 Paul & Linda McCartney
4 Back In The USSR 02:56 Paul McCartney & John Lennon
5 Maybe I'm Amazed 04:49 Paul McCartney 
6 C Moon 03:51 Paul & Linda McCartney
7 My Love 04:03 Paul & Linda McCartney
8 Can't Buy Me Love 02:09 Paul McCartney & John Lennon
9 Freedom 03:22 Paul McCartney 
10  Live And Let Die 03:05 Paul & Linda McCartney
11 Let It Be 03:58 Paul McCartney & John Lennon
12 Hey Jude 07:01 Paul McCartney & John Lennon
13 The Long And Winding Road 03:31 Paul McCartney & John Lennon
14 Lady Madonna 02:21 Paul McCartney & John Lennon
15 I Saw Her Standing There 03:08 Paul McCartney & John Lennon
16 Yesterday 02:08 Paul McCartney & John Lennon
17 Sgt. Pepper's (reprise)/The End 04:40 Paul McCartney & John Lennon



The following lines are excerpted from the CDs liner notes. They are the tour memories of the gang.

PAUL McCARTNEY - Tour Memories ------------------------------

Paul, thumbs-up " What do I remember? A fantastic tour with fantastic people. The audiences, the magic of my first American tour in years, the bouquets being hurled up from a smiling, thankful audience almost made us not want to go home after our final night at Fort Lauderdale. The hundred-strong crew holding up heart cards as I started the introduction to The Long And Winding Road and got as far as "the long....." before the notes choked in my throat, an emotion-soaked tour, the nightly runner onto the bus and excited chat from the sweaty band as we recalled the evening's gig, whilst the bus lurched up the concrete ramp and out of the arena. Nikons flashing, film cameras whirling, cops' Harley motorcycles roaring past as they escorted us to and from the airport. The people in the audience, the funny faces, the emotional faces, the kids, the mums and dads shaking their hips like it would never go out of style, tears for John, Linda and George and cheers for their memories...
The pre-show Paul carrying the US flag
... The U.S. flags during Freedom, like poppies in a field, the fist-clenched salutes of proud Americans remembering their lost heroes. Abe thwacking his drums and cymbals and breaking a million sticks a night, Rusty and Brian jumping and whirling like demented windmills, Wix's phenomenal keyboard inventions and his increasingly eccentric introductions, reminding us how much we love to play live,...
... rehearsals where we looked forward to what was to come, planning the pre-show and eventually seeing our friends, Michelle, Geoff, Fiona et al ballooning around the arena in their pierrot costumes. Loving Heather and I sharing the road together making new friends. Singing Getting Better for the first time since I had recorded it, the standing ovations during the acoustic set, Rusty's giant hands mashing out solos, Brian's smile telling me "good take", Wix's antics during Maybe I'm Amazed, backstage moments before the gig as we hugged and prayed and gave thanks, the ritual of the throat lozenge shared with Scotty, Woody and our backstage mates, the intense wave of energy coming off the audience, happy faces, proud faces, young faces, old, knowing smiles, emotions, that connection, never to be forgotten - that's what I remember.

Love, Paul "
A demented band...

BRIAN RAY - Tour Memories ------------------------------

Brian Ray at work

" Well, to choose a few highlights from the tour that rocked my world (and the U.S., I hear);... That's like picking out the most beautiful wildflower from a field full of them. Let's start at the first night of the tour. We opened in Oakland, where my father grew up. It was if we were all being carried through that show somehow. It was magic, effortless, exhilarating. Up we went, floating. When the five of us came off the stage before the first encore, the feeling of joy, triumph and camaraderie was huge... It was so fresh and new... We had only rehearsed two weeks with Paul so it could have been anything, but it was good, really good. I could feel my father smiling down at me from beyond. After the show in Boston, Paul invited the band to his house for a few days off... Paul and Heather woke us up in the late morning and made breakfast for us. We sat and talked for hours about future plans, including Paul's invitation to go play with him for the queen's golden anniversary at Buckingham Palace... Let me check my schedule... that was a great morning...

Happy audience

Magical pre-show again...

... I will never forget all the laughs, on the jet rides with Paul, at the aftershow parties and onstage. I was relieved when Paul would crack up or just wink when one of us would make a mistake during the show. There's something cool about that. Seeing the VIP ticket crew and the press officers dressed up to carry the big balloons in their pre-show cameo was worth a few laughs. Geoff Baker, in particular. White clown suit, glasses over the mask, cigarette hanging from his mouth like Keith Richards... bad clown before a crime spree...
... But beyond these few highlights in a tour of nothing but highlights there is one... on the last night of the tour in Ft. Lauderdale we were coming to the end of the show, last encore. Paul opened The Long And Winding Road with a cool little bluesy piano lick, then the opening line... all at once, every person in our 'family' on tour jumped up from the security pit at the front of the stage and in the aisles, down the sides of the audience, at the sound desk, some 140 people holding up these large cards with big red hearts painted on them, facing us. They were wearing smiles, tears and those big hearts. I completely lost it, Paul lost it, we all were sobbing. Paul tried to sing through his tears. Big tears of joy which I will never forget. That is forever.

Looking forward to more?
Oh yeah.

Love, Brian "

Big red hearts make the band sob

PAUL 'WIX' WICKENS - Tour Memories --------------------

Paul "Wix" Wickens " What can I tell you about this tour? I first toured with Paul in 1989 and the tours are all special in their own way. On this tour the big feeling I get is one of love. There is a lot of love within the people working, and from the people listening/grooving/partying/singing/ crying. It's been exciting to meet and work with some great new musicians. You make a special kind of bond when you play music together and this is such brilliant music to be part of...
... Words can't properly describe the feeling of playing a song that has never yet been performed live, especially when it means such a lot to so many people (including me). I am always amazed at the enthusiasm that Paul has for music and playing even after all he's achieved, it's inspirational and I'm sure it is one of the factors that makes this band of five people able to give out the energy and sound that it does. 

For me one big difference of course is that my old keyboard partner is no longer with us, and I am reminded of that through the show especially when I have to play her lines. Music is after all really about emotion, and you get all sorts running through this show. Making new friends, meeting old ones AND playing great music... It doesn't get better than this.

Wix "

Exciting to meet and work with some great new musicians...

ABE LABORIEL JR. - Tour Memories --------------------

Abe Laboriel Jnr Vocal exercises ?
" Where to begin? This tour has been a surreal whirlwind of emotions and visions. A tour of firsts. Eighteen thousand one hundred and thirty people breathing as one. Smiles as plentiful and colourful as the confetti that will fall from the ceiling. Eating as a warm-up. Laughing as a vocal exercise. Walking, excitedly, to the stage hand-in-hand. Five men embracing, praying and feeling the warmth and the calm before the storm. Seas of people with their hands in the air waiting for their hero to pick them up and dust them off. Re-creating songs that are the soundtrack to everyone's life. Seven-year-olds and seventy-year-olds singing every lyric. Screaming, dancing, rocking, bouncing, crying, holding, comforting, jumping, cheering, missing, kissing, praising, laughing, wishing it would never stop. Pinching yourself and realising you are awake and this is only the first night...

Abe "

Abe working with the band

RUSTY ANDERSON - Tour Memories ----------------------------------

Rusty Anderson " OK. Who could have dreamed in a million gazillion years that I would be ultra-insanely luck-blessed and super-gold-dusted enough to meet Paul Mcfriggin McCartney? But to actually play guitar with him? I just wanted to get that part out of the way because the continuity of daily life must be the parameter of one's moment by moment realisations. If that sounds like a conflict of interest, it is. In other words superimposing my personal lifelong Paul-from-a-distance-experience into the musician working man public reality is like playing on a bowling league in a submarine in the Grand Canyon.

To hear a single A string ring out in the arena in tandem with Paul's voice resonating into every ear simultaneously, from where I'm standing, is like loitering in the vortex of a recurring supernova as the energy saturates the collective consciousness, gets recycled back to us and mutates into the next wave exchange...

Rusty playing with Paul and Brian

... Now, mix that in with the incredible luxury of doing it with the best players/people I know. For anyone that's ever banged two sticks together while someone coughed you'd know when it resonates and when it doesn't. To me, its the world's funniest challenge. Playing music is like making love. That probably sounds cheesy but I really  noticed it at the Queens Jubilee gig. It's infinitely interactive and it's as deep as you want it to be. What can I say?

There was a certain moment at a certain party for a certain guy that fuelled some chuckles. Well, also there was the night that the band all went dancing with the Pre-Show in a transvestite bar. Everybody got up on the bar and shook it up. Not a single wallflower. Thrift shopping with Brian in Boston was fruitful...

Gathering their force before opening the show

... The superbly-organised volleyball game with the band and crew. Haven't done one of those since high school. Wix, being the pro volleyball player that he is, spiked one or two with no argument. My wildcard serving won a game, then lost the next one. Then there's the Superbowl. Standing on the Astroturf field holding my laundry bag, taking pictures of Wix, then of Abe and Brian, with the Superdome audience enclosed and making its own unique ambient noise in the background. Nice warm up for some gigs, huh Paul? Well actually there was another warm-up gig: a mega-benefit concert for New York back in 2001 with David Bowie, The Who, Jagger/Richards and Eric Clapton. What's next, the space station?...
Paul at the piano
... Obviously, the last night of the leg in Florida was a notable one. First Paul inviting the two super-fan girls up to rock with us on I Saw Her Standing There. Then the heart signs came up on The Long And Winding Road. I about lost it. We all heard Paul losing it quite beautifully. Sometimes you don't realise that people are actually working together out of choice and a scary amount of love develops very quickly. Paul has this effect on people. It was cool to watch our set unfold from its infant stages of Paul's initial list to new suggestions from the band to the final list. Also on-stage patter ever expanding and taking shape as the tour unfolded. This is certainly the biggest tour I've ever been involved with. Now, I guess I feel christened.

Rusty "



"Driving USA" Tour - USA

Opening of the show

Apr 01, 2002 Oakland Arena Oakland California
Apr 03, 2002 San Jose Arena San Jose California
Apr 05, 2002 MGM Grand Las Vegas Nevada
Apr 06, 2002 MGM Grand Las Vegas Nevada
Apr 10, 2002 The United Center Chicago Illinois
Apr 11, 2002 The United Center Chicago Illinois
Apr 13, 2002 Air Canada Center Toronto Ontario Canada
Apr 16, 2002 First Union Center Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Apr 17, 2002 Continental Arena Rutherford New Jersey
Apr 19, 2002 Fleet Center Boston Massachussets
Apr 21, 2002 Nassau Coliseum Long Island New York
Apr 23, 2002 MCI Center Washington District of Columbia
Apr 24, 2002 MCI Center Washington District of Columbia
Apr 26, 2002 Madison Square Garden New York New York
Apr 27, 2002 Madison Square Garden New York New York
Apr 29, 2002 Gund Arena Cleveland Ohio

May 01, 2002 Palace at Auburn Hills Detroit Minnesota
May 04, 2002 The Staples Center Los Angeles California
May 05, 2002 The Pond Anaheim California
May 07, 2002 Pepsi Arena Denver Colorado
May 09, 2002 Reunion Arena Dallas Texas
May 10, 2002 Reunion Arena Dallas Texas
May 12, 2002 Phillips Arena Atlanta Georgia
May 13, 2002 Phillips Arena Atlanta Georgia
May 15, 2002 Ice Palace Tampa Florida
May 17, 2002 National Center Ft. Lauderdale Florida
May 18, 2002 National Center Ft. Lauderdale Florida

Queen's Jubilee : "Party At The Palace" 

Jun 03, 2002 Buckingham Palace London England

Charity Concert : "Adopt A Minefield" - USA

Sep 18, 2002 Century Plaza Hotel Los Angeles California

"Back In The U.S." Tour - USA

Paul showing up...

Sep 21, 2002 Bradley Center Milwaukee Wilconsin
Sep 23, 2002 Xcel Energy Center Minneapolis Minnesota
Sep 24, 2002 United Center Chicago Illinois
Sep 27, 2002 Hartford Civic Center Hartford Connecticut
Sep 28, 2002 Boardwalk Hall Atlantic City New Jersey
Sep 30, 2002 FleetCenter Boston Massachussets
Oct 01, 2002 FleetCenter Boston Massachussets
Oct 04, 2002 Gund Arena Cleveland Ohio
Oct 05, 2002 Conseco FieldHouse Indianapolis Indiana
Oct 07, 2002 RBC Center Raleigh North Carolina
Oct 09, 2002 Savis Center St. Louis Missouri
Oct 10, 2002 Schottenstein Center Columbus Ohio
Oct 12, 2002 New Orleans Arena New Orleans Louisiana
Oct 13, 2002 Compaq Center Houston Texas
Oct 15, 2002 Ford Center Oklahoma Oklahoma
Oct 18, 2002 Rose Garden Portland Oregon
Oct 19, 2002 Tacoma Dome Tacoma Washington
Oct 21, 2002 Arco Arena Sacramento California
Oct 22, 2002 Compaq Arena San Jose California
Oct 25, 2002 Arrowhead Pond Anaheim California
Oct 26, 2002 MGM Grand Las Vegas Nevada
Oct 28, 2002 Staples Center Los Angeles California
Oct 29, 2002 America West Arena Phoenix Arizona

Paul dressing up

"Driving Mexico" Tour 

Nov 02, 2002 Palacio de los Deportes Mexico City Mexico
Nov 03, 2002 Palacio de los Deportes Mexico City Mexico
Nov 05, 2002 Palacio de los Deportes Mexico City Mexico

"Driving Japan" Tour 

Nov 11, 2002 Tokyo Dome Tokyo Japan
Nov 13, 2002 Tokyo Dome Tokyo Japan
Nov 14, 2002 Tokyo Dome Tokyo Japan
Nov 17, 2002 Osaka Dome Osaka Japan
Nov 18, 2002 Osaka Dome Osaka Japan

Australian Tour (cancelled)

Nov 23, 2002 Telstra Dome Melbourne Australia


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