Gallery One (1989)

Wednesday July 26, Thursday July 27, 1989
London Playhouse Theatre, UK

Paul performs surprise 5pm concerts before an invited audience, mainly comprising staff from MPL and EMI, as well as 400 members of the Wings Fun Club. The show serves as a preview of his upcoming world tour.

On the second day, before the concert, Paul hosts a press conference to officially announce his upcoming world tour.

Press Conference

August 21 - 24, 1989
Lyceum Theater, New York, USA

Paul and his band begin their rehearsals for the upcoming tour at The Lyceum Theater
August 24, Paul conducts a brief press conference and the band performs a show before a specially invited audience.

September 4- 21, 1989
Elstree Film Studios, Borehamwood, UK

Paul shifts rehearsals to a sound stage at the Elstree Film Studios.

A secret, pre-tour concert is performed in Studio 6 at the Goldcrest Film Studios on September 21, last day of rehearsals. The 750 members of the audience are members of the fan club and winners from a Radio One competition. This concert is a world premiere featuring the 11-minute pre-concert Richard Lester film and the full 30-song repertoire of the band.


Tuesday September 26, 1989 
Drammenshalle, Dramen, Norway

This concert is another warm-up for the band before the official start of the tour which is scheduled on September 28.

The band is now ready to travel 100 331 miles and take in 13 countries.


First Leg - Europe
Thursday September 28 - Saturday November 11, 1989

Thursday September 28, 1989
Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden

Put It There and Live And Let Die are recorded live during the show.

Both songs will appear on the live album Tripping The Live Fantastic.

Friday September 29, 
Saturday September 30, 1989
Johanneshovs Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden


Tuesday October 3, 
Wednesday October 4, 1989,
Sportshalle, Hamburg, Germany

On October 3, Paul conducts a press conference in The Beatles' old haunt of the Keiserkeller, in Grosse Freiheit.

Friday October 6, Saturday October 7, 1989 Festehalle, Frankfurt, Germany

Monday October 9, Tuesday October 10, 
Wednesday October 11, 1989
Palais Omnisport De Bercy, Paris, France

Rough Ride is recorded live during the show on October 10.

This song will appear on the live album Tripping The Live Fantastic.

Following the last concert in Paris on October 11, Paul and the band fly home to England before flying to Dortmund for the next step of the tour on October 16.

Monday October 16, 
Tuesday October 17, 1989
Westfallenhalle, Dortmund, Germany

Got To Get You Into My Life is recorded live during the show on October 17.

This song will appear on the live album Tripping The Live Fantastic.


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