Back In The World 2003

After his American and Japan Tours in 2002, Paul and his band hit the road again. The new tour, "Back In The World 2003", will lead the band back to Europe through more than thirty live dates.

Yesterday, Tuesday March 25th, Paul opened his tour by playing a sold out concert at Palais Omnisports de Bercy in Paris, in front of a crowded and enthusiastic audience. A great show was performed on that night ten years after Paul's latest concert in Paris. The performance included some surprises like "Birthday" and a jam on Hendrix' "Foxy Lady" at the end of "Let Me Roll It" (see setlist).
Paul and the band had rehearsed a complete show the day before (Monday March 24th) in front of a tiny and lucky bunch of 10 people.

A beautiful collectors' tour programme was available for sale featuring more than 70 pages and a lot of great and exclusive photos (some of them are featured in this page). The tour programme also includes interviews and a lot of stuff relating to Paul's recent activities.

"Touring is all about the excitement of contact with people, just that human feedback. If you're lucky you get some really great moments in your life; either because you're soaring, you're singing good or playing good. For instance, I've got a clear recollection from the 1989 tour of a call guy and his daughter, and he had his arm around her, and the pair of them were crying during 'Let It Be'. 

So you see people moved by what you're doing. And people bopping, I like that. So you get feedback; when there's enough people bopping and enjoying themselves and there's a bunch of lights flashing around, and music.

A combination of all of that is thrilling." 

(by Paul McCartney, excerpt of the tour programme)

2003 Tour Live Dates


25 March Bercy, Paris

28 March Palau San Jordi, Barcelona

29 March Palau San Jordi, Barcelona

1 April Sports Palais, Antwerp

2 April Sports Palais, Antwerp

5 April Hallam Arena, Sheffield

6 April Hallam Arena, Sheffield

9 April MEN Arena, Manchester

10 April MEN Arena, Manchester

13 April NIA Birmingham

14 April NIA Birmingham

18 April Earls Court, London

19 April Earls Court, London

21 April Earls Court, London

22 April Earls Court, London

25 April Gelredome, Arnhem


27 April Arena, Köln

28 April Arena, Köln

30 April Preussag Arena, Hannover

2 May Parken, Copenhagen

4 May Globe, Stockholm

5 May Globe, Stockholm

8 May Schalke Arena, Gelsenkirchen

11 May Coliseum, Rome (to be confirmed)

14 May Stadalle, Vienna

15 May Budapest SportArena, Budapest

17 May Königsplatz, Munich

18 May Königsplatz, Munich

21 May AOL Stadium, Hamburg

24 May Red Square, Moscow (to be confirmed)

27 May RSD Stadium, Dublin

30 May Celtic Park, Glasgow (to be confirmed)

1 June King's Dock, Liverpool (to be confirmed)

Paul, introducing the band: 


"They're all great musicians, they're all up for a challenge and the nice thing is they can all sing!"


The band remembers the tour in 2002 :

Brian Ray
"It was magic... exhilarating"

Abe Laboriel Jr.: "A surreal whirlwind of emotions and visions...."

Rusty Anderson
"I guess I feel christened...."

Paul "Wix" Wickens : "On this tour the big feeling I get is one of love...."


Tell Me Why

March 2002: Paul McCartney: "People say to me I'm a bit foolhardy sometimes. People say 'Why are you going on the road? Now you've got all that Beatles reputation, why mess it up?'..."
March 2003: Here's why...
  1. Paul McCartney's 2002 tour was the Planet Earth's Top-Grossing Tour Of The Year.
  2. It was Billboard magazine's Tour Of The Year.
  3. It was Pollstar magazine's (the trade mag of the live music industry) Major Tour Of The Year.
  4. It broke box office records in 21 cities.
  5. The DVD of the tour became the fastest-selling music DVD ever.
  6. The live CD of the tour went double platinum in the USA
  7. The DVD of the tour went triple platinum in the USA.
  8. One million people saw the tour in 2002.
  9. One million people bought the live CD.

Any more questions?

March 25th, 2003, Palais Omnisports de Bercy, Paris - Concert setlist
Hello Goodbye


All My Loving

Getting Better

Coming Up

Let Me Roll It (/ "Foxy Lady" coda)

Lonely Road

Driving Rain

Your Loving Flame


Every Night

We Can Work It Out

Carry That Weight

The Fool On The Hill

Here Today


Eleanor Rigby

Here, There And Everywhere

Calico Skies


Band On The Run

Back In The Ussr

Maybe I'm Amazed

Let 'em In

My Love

She's Leaving Home

Can't Buy Me Love


Live And Let Die

Let It Be

Hey Jude


The Long And Winding Road

Lady Madonna

I Saw Her Standing There



Sgt Peppers (reprise) /the End


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