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Here are some rare Macca's songs in a compressed format that you can download. Enjoy!

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Treat Her Gently / Lonely Old People
( McCartney) 

This number is a home live performance with Paul at the piano, recorded with a portable recorder (probably in
1978, long after the release of Venus And Mars). 

Length: 2'48

> Download Paul's home recording <

Can't Buy Me Love  (Lennon / McCartney) 

A very special version of this Beatles' tune was performed by Paul McCartney and his band at The Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York during the first night of the "Up Close" TV show, on
December 10th, 1992.

The song was performed with a very interesting "Country Hoe-Down" style.

Length: 2'24

> Download the country style version <

Country Dreamer (Live Studio) (McCartney)

A demo version of Country Dreamer was first recorded in 1970 during the Ram recording sessions.

A second recording was made in 1972 and was released as the B-side of Helen Wheels in 1973.

The version featured here was probably recorded on August 15th, 1974, during the live studio sessions for the never released film One Hand Clapping.

Length: 3'32

> Download the live studio rehearsal <

Hi Hi Hi (Live) (McCartney)

This live version was recorded at Maple Leaf Garden, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 9 May 1976.

Length: 3'14

> Download the live version <

Linda Lu  (Ray Sharpe)

Ray Sharpe's biggest and only hit, "Linda Lu," only made it to number 46 on the Billboard charts and his music doesn't fit into any convenient categories. He is that anomaly of anomalies, an African-American who made records that sounded like a hillbilly doing rock & roll and pop tunes.

This song was performed live by Paul McCartney at the Tokyo Dome, Japan, November 14 & 15, 1993.

Length: 3'59

> Download the live recording <

Love Mix (McCartney)

Recorded on April 24th, 1987 (Sussex, England),  "Love Mix" was heard on Oobu Joobu radio show in 1995

The song was released on the Oobu Joobu tracks of the Beautiful Night CD single.

This song contains part of another song called Waiting For The Sun To Shine, originally a piano demo from 1974.

Length: 3'47

> Download Paul's song <

In Spite Of All The Danger (McCartney/Harrison) 

This number is the only one credited to Paul & George. It was an early Beatles' creation.

The title was covered by Paul during his '04 tour. The recording featured here comes from the Madrid concert on May 30, 2004.

Length: 3'36

> Download the live track <

Rock Island Line (Ledbetter / Lomax)

This song is a Lonnie Donegan's classic. Here you will find a Paul's private acoustic rehearsal.

Length: 1'43

> Download Paul's rehearsal <

Super Big Heatwave (aka Old Siam, Sir)

"Super Big Heatwave" is actually an early version of "Old Siam Sir" recorded mid-1977 and mostly played on the synthesizer.

Length: 3'40

> Download Paul's early version <

Watercolour Guitars (McCartney)

This song comes from the album "Rushes" recorded by Paul McCartney aka "The Fireman" in 1998. 

Like the 1993 "Fireman" album, Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest, it has been produced by "Youth".

Length: 5'48

> Download the song <

Whole Life (McCartney)

It's a recording made by Paul McCartney and David A. Stewart in 2003 to support the Nelson Mandela Charity Fundation, to fight against the AIDS in Africa, where there're 30 millions infected. 

Please pay and download the song with full quality and help people with this disease. To download a full-quality of the song search in:

Length: 3'54

> Download the song <

Words Of Love (Holly)

Paul performed this song in 1986 for the video dedicated to his idol Buddy Holly.

The video was released in 1987 titled "The Real Buddy Holly Story".

Length: 1'55

> Download Paul's video track <

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