The Ultimate Juke-Box 

This is my ultimate Juke-Box (not for sale, just for exhibition). It's an external hard disk (250 Go) connected to my PC and containing more than 5 000 tracks performed by Paul McCartney and by The Beatles. These tracks were taken from 300 CDs containing regular or bootleg albums that I own. They feature studio rehearsals, unreleased numbers, live performances, radio & TV appearances and a lot of other exciting stuff, all encoded within a WAV or MP3 format.

Of course some of these tracks are redundant, but all in all this is an amazing safe for my whole collection. The hard disk is accessed through a virtual Juke-Box provided by Music Match software ( All songs are tagged with album/title/length/track number and performer's name. Although I'm not over with the process of filling my hard disk, I'm near the end and here is the index of the songs which have been copied so far on the drive: library_export.xls


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