Run Devil Run Recording Sessions
           March-May 1999

Here are some snapshots of the Run Devil Run recording sessions. They were captured from some promotional videos which were broadcasted on the Net. That's why the picture quality is so poor.


"Some people like to rock, Some people like to roll, But movin' and a groovin' Gonna satisfy my soul,


Let's have a party,..."


"Sometimes I'm right, Sometimes I'm wrong,


How can I help it, If I don't know the song, Help me to do it, Show me the plan,


Try try try, I try not to cry cry cry, Cry over you, Over you,..."


"Dum diddle dee dum dum, Little girl where did you come from? You fine little thing, You make my heart sing,


Come on baby let me buy the wedding ring, Baby you drive me crazy, Got my poor heart hazy,


You got my senses reeling, Ooh baby what a feeling,..."

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