Magical Mystery Tour (1)

" Apple's first endeavour would be a new project of McCartneys. During a trip to America in April 1967, just after the Sgt. Pepper sessions, McCartney dreamed up an hour-long television film. The Beatles could hire a bus, fill it with actors and extras, and tour around England with a camera crew. They would each write short episodes, with plenty of room for improvisation. And of course, some of the film would be devoted to performances of their latest songs. His original notes, jotted on the plane trip back to England, were quite detailed. He had already settled on Magical Mystery Tour as the title, and had the theme song written by the time he presented the idea to the others on 25 April. His notes also specified a scene with a stripper, a sequence at an army recruiting station, a marathon, and a laboratory scene. His cast list included a courier, a driver, a busty hostess, a fat woman and a small man. All these things were included in the film. " (by Allan Kozinn)


Monday, September 11th, 1967, Paul waits for the film's staff at Allsop Place.


In front of the Atlantic Hotel in Newquay, Tuesday, 12 September 1967.


Wednesday afternoon: filming along Tregurrian beach... and giving some autographs.


Inside and in front of the Atlantic Hotel in Newquay.


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