Wings Tours 1972-1973

Olympia, Paris, July 72

After the Beatles' break-up, Paul McCartney wants to hit the road again. He gathers a new band around him, Wings, and goes touring with the band. Just after the release of Wings Wild Life in December 1971, Paul starts a first tour of
England in February 1972. This short tour lasts only a month, Wings performing in Universities like the ones from Nottingham, Lancaster, Swansea or Oxford.

A new Wings' tour happens in the second half of 1972. The "
Wings Over Europe" tour starts in France (Chateauvallon) at the beginning of July and ends in Germany (Berlin) late August.

Olympia, Paris, July 72

Olympia, Paris, July 72

Pavilion - Montreux, Switzerland, July 72

Antibes - Juan Les Pins, France, July 72

After the release of Red Rose Speedway in April 1973, Paul starts a third tour with Wings. This time, it is a UK tour which begins in
Bristol on May 11th and ends in Newcastle on July 10th, 1973.

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