The World's Best - New Remaster Edition

Front Cover  

CPCS-9401, 1994,
Made in Japan,
Total Playing Time : 74:21

Rares mixes and alternate versions from various countries in good quality sound.

Tracks list (all songs by Lennon / McCartney):

1  I Want To Hold Your Hand   2:26 Alternate stereo version. Rare different stereo mix from original single of Australia.
2  She Loves You  2:25 Simulated stereo version (fake). This song is not available in true stereo. From a German LP version.
3  From Me To You   1:59 Original stereo mix. Official Cd release in mono. Not available in true stereo.
4  All My Loving   2:11 Hi-hat opening stereo version. Rare version of this song. With 5 counts opening from Germany. (30 July 1963?)
5  A Hard Day's Night  2:32 US single. Mono mix. United Artists original soundtrack version from US. (16 April 1964, Take 9?)
6  I Should Have Known Better   2:45 Alternate stereo remix. Alternate stereo mix available only in Capitol REEL MUSIC album.
7  And I Love Her  2:40 Stereo long version. Unedited six time repeated riff at the end, from Germany. (27 February 1964, Take 21?)
8  I Feel Fine  2:23 Alternate stereo mix. This stereo version brings with some noise and whispering before intro.
9  Ticket To Ride  3:05 Short edit stereo version. Intro cut edited version from OLDIES release in Holland.
10  Help!  2:37 US Capitol Stereo version. James Bond Instruments, with intro from US Capitol movie soundtrack.
11  Yesterday  2:07 US Capitol Mono mix. Original MONO mix for American Album YESTERDAY AND TODAY.
12  We Can Work It Out  2:15 Alternate stereo mix. Different mix of organ part and separation from Australia.
13  Day Tripper  2:54 Alternate stereo mix. Original analog mix of this song. Intro guitar started only one channel.
14  Norwegian Wood 
 (This Bird Has Flown)
 2:06 Alternate stereo remix. Stereo remix for BEATLES BALLADS. Different stereo separation.
15  Girl  2:31 Alternate stereo remix for LOVE SONGS. Vocal track moved center.
16  Here, There And Everywhere  2:25 Alternate stereo remix for LOVE SONGS. Different stereo separation.
17  Strawberry Fields Forever  4:11 Alternate stereo mix for US Capitol. Sound effect and ending remixed.
18  Penny Lane   3:01 Trumpet ending stereo version. Composit version from original Capitol promotional single mixed true stereo.
19  I Am The Walrus  4:37 Alternate stereo mix. Combining 2 rare versions, six beats intro and extra beats after third verse.
20  Hey Jude  5:04 Short edit version. Ending short edit for 20 GREATEST HITS album. Stereo separation differ from CD mix.
21  Revolution  3:26 Original stereo mix. Original analog mix of this song. Stereo separation gathering center than CD mix.
22  Across The Universe  3:46 Original mono mix. Extremely rare MONO mix from BRAZIL single issue. Orchestra part low mix. (4 February 1968?)
23  The Ballad Of John And Joko  3:00 Single mono mix. This is not available in original UK single. From rare original AUSTRALIAN single. (14 April 1969, Take 10?)
24  Let It Be  3:53 Single mono version. Japanese original single. Only available MONO. Basically same as stereo version.
25  Beatles' Movie Medley  4:02 Single stereo version. Promotional remix for REEL MUSIC. Not available official CD and LP.

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