The Twickenham Sessions

8 CD-Box Cover  CD 1 & 2 CD 3 & 4

CD 1 & 2

CD 3 & 4

CD 5 & 6 CD 7 & 8
CD 5 & 6 CD 7 & 8
Yellow Dog Records, 1999,
Made in Japan,
Box containing 4 Double-CDs.

Excerpt from the box inner booklet:

The sessions commonly referred to as the "Get Back Sessions" took place during January 1969. (Jan 2nd - 15th at Twickenham Studios; Jan 22nd - 31st at Apple Studios). Paul originally conceived the project back in late '68, believing that they could revitalize the band by returning to live performances. The Beatles were to be filmed writing, rehearsing, and recording, culminating with the actual live show (the logistics of which were never really settled, resulting in "the roof top" as a last itch compromise).

The majority of the tapes from these sessions come to us via the film sound reels. The film crew used two Nagra mono reel to reel machines, each assigned to a camera, and each holding approx. 16 minute reels of tape. They were staggered, so that in most cases, when the tape ran out on one, the other was still rolling. The beeps that can be heard are the sync cues each time a camera began filming. The Twickenham rolls where each numbered consecutively followed by an "A" or "B" to identify the camera to which it was assigned. Announcements of audio rolls came at the start of the tape, and film rolls can be heard announced throughout. A total of 223 rolls of audio were recorded at Twickenham. It should be noted that Glyn Johns brought in some mono studio equipment and recorded some performances simply to allow the group to hear what they had before continuing on with rehearsals. So far, these tapes of Glyn's have not surfaced, and were possibly never saved.

Don't let some of the song listings fool you. In many cases they have come for the "sister reel" of the rolls that have been previously available. This results in a few complete or longer versions of some previously known takes, as well as shorter, incomplete versions of others. Overall, this package represents some of the best sounding sources to date.