Come Together (Beatles In The '90s)

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FAB3, 1996,
Made In Japan/England,

Total Playing Time : 64:17

Alternate takes and demos relating to the Beatles' "Anthology".

Track list:

1  Free As A Bird   John Lennon  5:15 Full length version with wings intro, clapping outtro and backward message reversed (video version).
2  Real Love   John Lennon  3:07 Alternate version: Beatles early mix or a fake ?
3  Real Love   John Lennon  4:14 Beatles Video mix (regular version?)
4  Strawberry Fields Forever  Lennon / McCartney  0:25 A slice of a demo taken from the Anthology series, where Paul demonstrates how the opening effect was acquired on one of the most innovative songs ever.
5  I Will  Lennon / McCartney  0:34 McCartney, Harrison & Starr Fragment.
6  Dera Duhn  George Harrison  0:43 McCartney, Harrison & Starr. Unrecorded Harrison composition.
7  Free As A Bird  John Lennon  3:29 Lennon Demo, Take 1.
8  Free As A Bird  John Lennon  2:44 Lennon Demo, Take 4.
9  Real Love   John Lennon  3:49 Lennon Demo, Take 1 (demo on piano).
10  Real Love (Real Life)  John Lennon  3:59 Lennon Demo, Take 4 (demo on guitar).
11  Real Love   John Lennon  2:49 Lennon Demo, Take 5 (demo on guitar).
12  Real Love   John Lennon   2:23 Lennon Demo, Take 6.
13  Real Love   John Lennon   3:12 Lennon Demo (demo on piano).
14  Real Love   John Lennon   1:32 Lennon, from the "lmagine" soundtrack.
15  It Don't Come Easy  Richard Starkey  3:29 Sung by George, 1970, unreleased version.
16  For You Blue  George Harrison  1:43 Outtakes from film Let It Be. These versions were featured in the Anthology series.
17  The Long And Winding Road  Lennon / McCartney  3:34
18  Let It Be  Lennon / McCartney  4:02
19  Come Together  Lennon / McCartney  3:36 A tribute to John, and a remake of his "Abbey Road" song recorded by the Smokin' Mojo Filters. The 'Filters are Paul Weller with Noel Gallagher and features Paul McCartney on backing vocals. The song was recorded for the "Help" project, although this is a different mix.
20  While My Guitar Gently Weeps   George Harrison  8:09 Royal Albert Hall 6 April 92, with George, Ringo & Gary Moore.
21  Collage 

(I Saw Her Standing There, Sie Liebt Dich, And I Love Her, Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite, All You Need Is Love)

 Lennon / McCartney  1:29 A collage of studio mis-takes, heard at the end of the Anthology series.

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