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1962 (2/3)

July - August 1962
The Beatles
In July, the band have several appearances at the Tower Ballroom , in New Brighton. One of these shows will be the last performance of Pete Best with The Beatles.

On July 1st, there is a special appearance of Gene Vincent at the Cavern, who shares the bill with The Beatles.

One of the last shows with Pete Best at Tower Ballroom. With Gene Vincent at the Cavern Club. 


On July 6th, The Beatles have another appearance aboard the Royal Iris, on the River Mersey, for a "Riverboat Shuffle" all-night show. On that night, the Star is jazzman Acker Bilk. In between his sets, the Fabs play their repertoire.


The Beatles play Love Me Do on board the Royal Iris.

In the dressing room on board the Royal Iris.


August is a very special month in the band's history, for this is the time when the definite band line-up will arise.

Actually, there had been a progressive dismissal of Pete Best for some time, and the group had been gradually divorcing him from their activities. Pete's drumming abilities were quite limited and certainly unsuitable for recording purposes (a point which had been explained by Martin to Epstein on June 6th...). 

An other example of this dismissal is the fact that Pete had also refused to re-style his hair into the fringe-style adopted by the other three.

Whose hair-style is wrong ? 

August, Epstein and the group decide to fire Pete and offer the drummer's position to Ringo Starr, regular drummer of Rory Storm and The Hurricanes. Ringo had already sat in with The Beatles for 2 engagements on February 5th as Pete Best was ill.

On August 15th, The Beatles have their last appearance at the Cavern with Pete Best as a drummer. 
The following day, on
August 16th, Pete is dismissed by Brian Epstein from the group a few hours before a performance at Riverpark Ballroom. Dummer Johnny Hutchinson replaces Pete for the show and also at the Majestic Ballroom next night.

On August 18th, Ringo takes his place behind the drum kit at the Hulme Hall. This is the birth of the Fab Four !!!

The Fab Four's line-up ! 

August 1962: One of the first gigs with Ringo after Best has been sacked.


After Ringo's arrival and after the signing of the Parlophone contract, it is necessary to shoot promotional photos of the new band's line-up. Several photograph sessions are set up for this purpose.

Below: session on a waste land.     
Right: session aboard the River Mersey's Ferry. 

On August 22nd, Granada TV makes the first filming of a live performance of The Beatles. It takes place at The Cavern and the group perform two songs, Some Other Guy (Barrett / Leiber / Stoller) and Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! (Leiber / Stoller). The result of the filming is unsatisfactory and the film remains shelved until it is exhumed for the broadcast of Some Other Guy in 1963.

First filming of The Beatles live at the Cavern Club. 


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