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1962 (3/3)

September 1962
The Beatles
On September 4th, there is a second attempt to record The Beatles' first single at Abbey Road studios (nothing recorded on June 6th was considered worthy of release). 

Two songs are taped, How Do You Do It (Murray), which is intended to be the A-side of the single that very moment, and Love Me Do, as the possible future B-side. 

Others numbers are rehearsed on that day, like Please Please Me (Lennon / McCartney).


A third attempt of recording The Beatles' first single is scheduled for September 11th

For this third recording session, George Martin books in Andy White, a session drummer who takes the place of a dismayed Ringo Starr (Ringo was considered as too much studio-inexperienced).

Please Please Me, P.S. I Love You and Love Me Do are taped. George Martin is happy with the recorded material and finally, two Lennon / McCartney compositions make up the first single which will be released as Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You on October 5th.

Right: The Beatles posing at Abbey Road studios...

Below left: Love Me Do recording session with Martin. 

Below right: George Martin listening to the recorded material.


On September 28th, The Beatles perform their last "Riverboat Shuffle" show on the River Mersey.


October 1962
The Beatles
On October 2nd, Brian Epstein and The Beatles sign a five-year management contract.

On October 17th, The Beatles have their first television debut appearing live on magazine People and Places and singing two songs, Some Other Guy and Love Me Do.

On October 25th, The Beatles' third BBC radio recording features Love Me Do, A Taste Of Honey (Scott / Marlow) and P.S. I Love You.

Above right and below: The Beatles rehearsing at the Cavern for which they still have engagements in October.


Left: Hulme Hall, Birkenhead, 27 october, interview of The Beatles before they go on stage.

On October 28th, The Beatles have another debut, this time at the prestigious Liverpool Empire Theatre which is the top theatre in Liverpool.

The following day, October 29th, The Beatles record their second TV appearance performing Love Me Do and A Taste Of Honey.


November-December 1962
The Beatles

In the first half of November, The Beatles return to the Star-Club in Hamburg for a 14-night engagement.

On November 26th, a fourth session is scheduled in Abbey Road studios for recording the second Beatles' single. Please Please Me (A-side) and Ask Me Why (B-side) are taped. An other Lennon / McCartney number is taped during the session, Tip Of My Tongue, but George Martin is unhappy with it and the song will remain in the shelves.

Paul & John rehearsing at Paul's home, Forthlin Road, Allerton.


Next day, The Beatles have their first BBC Radio session in London, performing Love Me Do, P.S. I Love You and Twist And Shout (Medley / Russell).

On December 4th, the band make their London-area television debut, miming Love Me Do and P.S. I Love You.

From December 18th until December 31st, The Beatles have their fifth and final Hamburg engagement at the Star-Club for 13 nights.  

The Beatles at the BBC. 

The Beatles are now ready & steady for becoming the greatest band of all time and for taping about 200 of the greatest pop records which will survive more than 30 years after the group's break-up.


1962 (2/3)


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