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January 1962
The Beatles
On January 1st, The Beatles have their first audition with a record company. The audition happens at Decca Records, north London. This audition is granted by Mike Smith, the Decca representative who saw The Beatles performing at the Cavern. 
15 songs are recorded on that day. Among them are three Lennon / McCartney compositions: 
Like Dreamers Do, Hello Little Girl and Love Of The Loved.


Paul & John composing at Paul's family  home, Forthlin Road, Allerton.             In front of Paul's family home.

The twelve other numbers that are taped during the Decca sessions are covers: Money / Till There Was You / The Sheik Of Araby / To Know Her Is To Love Her / Take Good Care Of My Baby / Memphis, Tennessee / Sure To Fall / Three Cool Cats / Crying, Waiting, Hoping / September In The Rain / Besame Mucho / Searchin.

Mike Smith seems to be pleased with The Beatles performance. Has the group passed the audition? Smith promises to let Epstein know...

On January 4th, the Mersey Beat publishes the results of its first group popularity poll and The Beatles are clear winners.

On January 5th, a British version of My Bonnie is released, credited to Tony Sheridan and The Beatles. At that time, the band decides to add this title to their stage repertoire.

Most of the Beatles' engagements in January are for the Cavern Club where their popularity is still growing.


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February 1962
The Beatles
In early February, the rejection of The Beatles by Decca Records is announced to Brian Epstein. The reason given by Decca for such a rejection is that The Beatles sound too much like the Shadows and that such guitar groups are on the way out !

On February 5th, Pete Best is unwell and unable to take his place in The Beatles for the two engagements of that day (Cavern Club and Kingsway Club). John, Paul and George choose to replace him temporarily by Ringo Starr for these two performances. Ringo is the drummer of Rory Storm and the Hurricanes who shared the long nights of 1960 with The Beatles at the Kaiserkeller in Hamburg.

On February 12th, The Beatles pass an audition at the BBC. They perform Like Dreamers Do / Till There Was You / Memphis, Tennessee / Hello Little Girl. They pass the audition and they get booked for their first radio appearance to be recorded on March 7th.

Thanks to the tapes coming from the Decca audition and thanks to the efforts he made to get in touch with EMI managers, Brian Epstein succeeds in arranging a meeting with George Martin (head at Parlophone, an EMI record label) on February 13th. Epstein lets Martin listen to the Decca tapes and Martin seems to enjoy a few songs like Hello Little Girl and Till There Was You. Despite Martin's satisfaction, the situation will stand by for three months before something new happens...


March - May 1962
The Beatles

On March 7th, The Beatles have their debut radio appearance at the BBC. They have to wear suits and ties, for Epstein want them to leave their black leather outfit forever. Actually, The Beatles will keep their leather clothes for the afternoon rehearsals and they will put on their suits for the evening recording. The songs recording during this evening session are Dream Baby, Memphis, Tennessee and Please Mister Postman.

A new contract had been drawn up engaging The Beatles for playing seven weeks in Hamburg between April 13rd and May 31st. This time, The Beatles have to play at the Star-Club, a new club in Hamburg which opens on April 13rd and there, the band will share 2 of their 7 weeks with Gene Vincent.

As during the previous year, The Beatles back Tony Sheridan for a very special recording session which happens between April 23rd and 27th. Two songs are taped which are Sweet Georgia Brown and (probably) Swanee River.

The Beatles with Gene Vincent in Hamburg

Meanwhile in England, Epstein tries to take up with George Martin again. On May 9th, Esptein's second meeting is scheduled with Martin and on May 18th, a recording contract is sent by Martin in order to be signed after a Beatles' audition scheduled for June 6th.

June 1962
The Beatles
On June 6th, four days after their return from Hamburg, The Beatles arrive at EMI studios in Abbey Road
The band has an audition with
George Martin who his very impressed by The Beatles (except by Pete Best). The Beatles pass their audition and Martin will sign the recording contract later on. 
Right after the audition, the band have their first recording session for a single. Four songs are taped during this session:
Besame Mucho, Love Me Do, P.S. I Love You and Ask Me Why.

First audition & recording at Abbey Road studios with George Martin. 

On June 9th, after a two-month absence, The Beatles rejoined their nightly engagements in Liverpool. At a Welcome Home night at the Cavern, they smash the Club's attendance record with 900 people watching their performance. During the next twelve days, The Beatles are under an exclusive contract with the Cavern Club.

Paul (piano) and John rehearsing at the Cavern ... ... Paul and Pete on the drums


On June 11th, a second BBC recording session takes place at the Playhouse Theatre in Manchester. 

They have a rehearsal in the afternoon and they take part to the recording in the evening, performing the first Lennon / McCartney composition to be broadcasted (on June 15th). 

The songs recorded that evening are Ask Me Why (Lennon / McCartney), Besame Mucho (Skylar / Velasquez) and A Picture Of You (Beveridge / Oakman).

On June 28th, The Beatles have their debut at the Majestic Ballroom in Birkenhead, a first of 17 bookings with Top Rank, Britain's premier entertainment organisation. At that time, Brian Epstein tries to find more strategic engagements for The Beatles, progressively booking them for out-of-town dates.

11 june 62: BBC afternoon rehearsal.

Another shot of the BBC afternoon rehearsal...



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