Paul and his Bands
1961 (2/2)

July-November 1961
The Beatles
After their home return, The Beatles are engaged in a tremendous schedule of bookings. They appear most of the times at the Cavern Club, at the Casbah Club and at Aintree Institute.

Warming-up for performance at Aintree Institute
19 August 1961 

Performance at Aintree Institute.

Paul & John at the mike...

Another night at the Cavern Club. 


A very special and important evening is the one of  November 9th. That night, a local record store owner, Brian Epstein, attend the Beatles' show at the Cavern Club. Epstein is fascinated by the band, their music, their energy and their humour.

December 1961
The Beatles
December 8th is a big day for the Beatles, since they have the opportunity to back Davy Jones at the Cavern... and to play their own set.

The Beatles and Davy Jones (on the right).


On December 9th, The Beatles have their first live performance in the south of England (Aldershot, Hampshire) and in London. But due to a failure in the advertisement, there are only 18 customers at the Aldershot's Palais Ballroom, and so the show is a complete flop.

George, John, Paul & Pete at Aldershot, despite the small audience.


On December 10th, The Beatles agree to take Epstein as a manager for their future bookings. Epstein is quickly successful in pushing Decca Records to dispatch someone to witness a full Beatles' performance. 

Some advertisement photos ordered by Esptein in December 1961.

The Decca representative attend the Beatles show at the Cavern Club on December 13th. He likes what he sees and this is sufficient for him to grant The Beatles an audition in a recording studio. The date of audition is set for January 1st, 1962 !

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