Peter And Gordon

Peter Asher, Jane Asher's brother, and Gordon Waller joined together in 1962 and performed under the name of Peter And Gordon.

In 1964, they covered an early composition written by Paul called A World Without Love, which reached #1 in the US and UK charts.

They performed this song live at the TV special The Music Of Lennon And McCartney, which was broadcasted in December 1965.

Paul wrote two other songs in 1964 which were custom built for the duo, Nobody I Know and
I Don't Want To See You Again

  Peter And Gordon
    Peter Asher and Gordon Waller.
Nobody I Know single's cover  

, another song written by Paul under the pseudonym of Bernard Webb, was given to the duo in 1966.

After the split of Peter And Gordon in 1967, Peter Asher got nominated to the post of artistic director at Apple Corporation.

He also became producer and manager of Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor.

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Nobody I Know single's cover.