Wings Over The World '76 / Special TV '79

Title Origin Year Length
Wings Over The World 1976 MPL Documentary
(Bootleg copy)
1979 78 min
Special TV '79: "20/20" ABC TV
(Bootleg copy)
1979 19 min
Wings' Concert at Civic Center, St. Paul, Minnesota, 
June 4th, 1976
Bootleg  1976? 23 min

1- Wings Over The World 1976

"Wings Over the World'' is a Wings Tour movie produced by MPL Communications in 1979. It features Paul McCartney, his wife Linda and the band talking to the press, rehearsing and recording as well as footage of McCartney family moments. The best performances from the 1976 tour are also featured.
The tape I have is a bootleg copy of very low quality with many defects. This document includes the following items:

Jet (live)
Scotland 1971: Paul in his farm riding a horse among the sheeps.
Bip Bop (Paul playing with his children around him)
Lucille (first Wings' rehearsal)
Maybe I'm Amazed (live)

Live And Let Die (rehearsal + live)
The Wings' bus on the road in 1972
Glasgow concert: Wings arrive on stage dressed with Scottish kilts
Paul arrives at an Australian airport.
Paul and Linda are interviewed by Norman Gunston and received gold records for their vast record sales in Australia.

Letting Go (live)
Wings in Sidney: Paul and the children are playing and drumming.
Scrambled Eggs (rehearsal, excerpt)
Yesterday (live)
The Wings Tour: trucks are on the road; security people are briefed before the concert of Sydney; soundcheck...
Magneto And Titanium Man (live)
Silly Love Songs (live)
Wings travel by plane. Arrival at the airport (New York? Cincinnati ?). Denny and Paul playing with children...
Go Now (live)
Wings' limousines arrive at the Cow Palace, San Francisco, June 13th, 1976.
Beware My Love (live)
Paul, Linda and other Wings members riding horses.
Let'em In (live)
Band On The Run (live)

Paul watching himself on the TV answering an interview. Seattle: fans sleeping at the entry of the Kingdome.
Venus And Mars (live)
Rock Show (live)
Happy Birthday to Paul by Denny on stage. After the concert, a Mexican band is playing for Paul.
Los Angeles: Elton John, Cher and other artists attend the concert. Ringo Starr join Paul backstage.

Hi Hi Hi (live)
Soily (live)

2- Special '79 TV - "20/20" talk show

In America, Geraldo Rivera interviews Paul and Linda for the ABC TV programme 20/20. The interview is interspersed with video footage.

Getting Closer (video clip)

Paul is awarded  a rhodium-plated disc by the Guiness Book Of Records for his record-breaking achievements in song writing and record sales.

Bip Bop (Scotland: Paul playing with his children around him)
Maybe I'm Amazed (live, excerpt)
Arrow Through Me (video, excerpt)
All My Loving (Beatles, TV live, excerpt)
Ticket To Ride (Beatles' concert at the Shea Stadium, 1965, excerpt)
Revolution (Beatles, video clip, excerpt)
Come Together (Beatles, video clip, excerpt)
Yesterday (Wings, live, complete)
Goodnight Tonight (video clip, excerpt)

Wings' Concert at Civic Center, St. Paul, Minnesota, June 4th, 1976

This is a strange footage from the Wings' concert in Minnesota in June '76. There is no commentary on the tape, neither any credit titles. The tape has a very low quality. It's like someone from the crew had shot this film. After some footage featuring Wing's arrival at the airport and the limousines driving on the highway to the concert place, various uncomplete live performances are provided:

Venus And Mars / Rock Show
Let Me Roll It
Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
Medicine Jar
Call Me Back Again
Lady Madonna
Live And Let Die
You Gave Me The Answer
Magneto And Titanium Man