McCartney : Super Compile

Live 1979


Broadcast Origin Year Length
Lone Star Cafe, "Welcome Buddy" Bootleg Video 1990 20 min
Rockestra Recording Sessions MPL Documentary 1979 43 min
Various Clips Capitol / CBS 78-84 57 min



1- Lone Star Cafe, 1990

This was shot during the Buddy Holly evening ("Welcome Buddy") at the Lone Star Cafe, New York, in september 1990. The camera was rather distant from the stage and the tape quality is quite poor.
Paul joins various artists like Dave Edmunds on stage and they play a few Buddy Holly's titles.

The sound recording has been bootleged and can be found on the first four tracks of the Plugged And Unplugged bootleg album.

During this evening performance, after a spoken introduction by Paul, the band cover three titles  :

    Rave On (West-Tilghman-Petty)
    Lucille (Penniman-Collins)
    Oh Boy (West-Tilghman-Petty)

After the show, we can see the artists coming out from the Lone Star Cafe. A few images are shot during a photograph session with Paul, Linda and their band (Robbie McIntosh, Hamish Stuart,...)

2- Rockestra Recording Sessions, 1979

On 27 February 1980, Paul's work on Rockestra Theme was rewarded with a Grammy Award of the best instrumental rock performance. This tape presents the MPL documentary that was filmed upon the studio production of this song.

At the beginning of the tape, Paul plays a demo of Rockestra on the piano at home (in his Sussex farm?). He talks about the composition phenomenon and recalls the birth of the "Rockestra" concept.

Then, the camera shoots Abbey Road's studios and the background music is made up with some famous songs that were recorded in these studios.

The camera enters the studio that is dedicated to the Rockestra Theme recording session (for Paul's new album production, Back To The Egg). Various musicians invited by Paul come in, and they are all introduced with their name : Hank Marvin, Pete Townshend, David Gilmour, and so on... We hear the musicians toning and testing their instruments. Paul arrives and sits at the piano to play a demo of Rockestra Theme. Paul explains what he wants from Hank Marvin and from the others. Then, the control room broadcats a more complete demo which includes some drums in addition to the original piano take. Paul plays piano on top of it. He explains to the brass section and to the pianist how they should play.

Then follows a first trial with all musicians together. Then, the three drums are adjusted and recorded, and the instrumental crescendo is worked out. At last, the final take is recorded with Paul at the piano.

Next follows the recording of another song for the Back To The Egg album. This title, called So Glad To See You Here, is played by Paul as a demo at first . Then comes the real recording with Paul playing his bass guitar. Paul: "I'll do my vocals tomorrow...". 
The musicians of the Rockestra Band are leaving now... (we can hear After The Ball in the background music...)

The next day, Paul records the vocal overdubs for So Glad To See You Here (Linda and Denny Laine sing the backup vocals) and for Rockestra Theme .

2- Various Clips 1978-1984

This bootleg tape ends with various clips, including :

With A Little Luck (Wings, Clip/Live TV)
I've Had Enough
(Wings, Clip)
London Town
(Wings, Clip)
Arrow Through Me
(Wings, Clip)
Winter Rose/Love Awake (Wings, Clip - Lympne Castle?)
Spin It On
(Wings, Clip)
Mull Of Kintyre
(Wings, Clip)
Take It Away (Clip with Ringo Starr, George Martin & John Hurt)
Tug Of War (Clip)
So Bad (Studio Clip, with Ringo Starr at the drums)
No More Lonely Nights (Clip)
No More Lonely Nights - Reprise (remix?)
Strawberry Fields Forever (Beatles, Clip)
Penny Lane (Beatles, Clip)