Rock Show - Seattle, 1976

Live, 1976
1. Venus And Mars
2. Rock Show
3. Jet
4. Let Me Roll It
5. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
6. Medecine Jar
7. Maybe I'm Amazed
8. Live And Let Die
9. Bluebird
10. I've Just Seen A Face
11. Yesterday
12. You Gave Me The Answer
(dedicated to Fred Astaire...)
13. Magneto And Titanium Man
14. Go Now
15. Listen To What The Man Said
16. Let'Em In
17. Time To Hide
18. Silly Love Songs
19. Beware My Love
0. Paul introduces the brass section.
21. Letting Go
22. Band On The Run
23. Hi Hi Hi
24. Soily

This video was originally edited by MPL Communications. I think it must be out of print now, that's why I got this tape as a bootleg one.

This tape was mostly recorded during Wings' show in Seattle which was the last concert of the Wings World Tour in 1976. 

There are some titles missing that were usually performed by Wings on stage at that time, like Blackbird, Call Me Back Again, Lady Madonna, The Long And Winding Road, Picasso's Last Words and Richard Cory.
But anyway, this is a wonderful video, even better than the Wings World Tour video.