Rock Legend: Paul McCartney

Broadcast TV Channel Year Length
Rock Legend: Paul McCartney MCM 1993? 56 min
Culture Rock: l'Après Beatles
(After The Beatles)
M6 1995 55 min


1- Rock Legend: Paul McCartney, MCM, 1993?

This broadcast features an interview of Paul McCartney, interspersed with various performances and video clips.

Interview: Paul talks about the Beatles' audience versus his audience today.
Let It Be (live, World Tour '89, excerpt)
The Beatles Medley (clip)
Get Back (Beatles' "Rooftop" concert, from the film Let It Be)
Twist And Shout (The Beatles, excerpt of the Royal Command Performance, 1963)

Interview: Paul talks about his World Tour ('89/'90), his live album Tripping The Live Fantastic, the idea of singing Birthday on July 4th during a US concert.
(live, 1989/1990, excerpt)
Jet (live, with Wings)
Interview: Paul about the setlist of songs for the '89 World Tour.
Mull Of Kintyre (clip, with Wings)
Sequence of the duets:
Ebony And Ivory
(clip, with Stevie Wonder)
Say, Say, Say (clip, with Michael Jackson)
Live And Let Die (performed live by Guns N' Roses)
Interview: Paul's worship for Elvis Presley
Just Because (rehearsal, excerpt)
Interview: Paul about the song Put It There 
Put It There
(studio rehearsal, excerpt)
Interview: Paul about his collaboration with Elvis Costello and about his return to his old Höffner bass.
My Brave Face (studio recording session with Elvis, excerpt)
My Brave Face (studio rehearsal with the band, excerpt)
Interview: Paul about Off The Ground: how came the idea of the album artwork.
Off The Ground (Paul, video clip)
Maybe I'm Amazed (live, with Wings, short excerpt)
Interview: Paul tells the story about the composition of Hope Of Deliverance.
Hope Of Deliverance (Paul, video clip, excerpt)
Give Peace A Chance (Lennon / Kravitz - video clip, performed by Sean Lennon, Lenny Kravitz and many other artists)

Interview: Paul about his idea of a tribute to John Lennon for John's fiftieth birthday.
Give Peace A Chance (Paul live, 1990, excerpt)

2- Culture Rock - l'Après-Beatles (After The Beatles), M6, 1995

A summary of the Fabs solo careers after The Beatles' break-up. All the performances are only excerpts.

Speaker: various comments about the Beatles' break-up, the first solo albums, the weddings, John Lennon's "bed-in", ...
Give Peace A Chance (Lennon with POB and Clapton, live in Toronto, 1969)
Speaker: the issue of the album Let It Be, the "rooftop" concert,...
Bip Bop
(Paul, rehearsal)
Instant Karma (Lennon, TV live?)
George Harrison and Eric Clapton performing with Delaney & Bonnie
George Harrison talks about the release of his masterpiece, the triple album All Things Must Pass.
George Harrison and Eric Clapton perform at the Bangladesh concert, August 1971. John Lennon records Imagine.
How Do You Sleep? (Lennon and Harrison, studio recording)
Lucille (first Wings' rehearsal, August 1971)
Speaker: Ringo Starr drums for Marc Bolan and issues a solo album.
It Don't Come Easy (clip)
Speaker: Lennon moves to the US and starts militancy.
Sisters, O Sisters (John, live, 1972)
Cold Turkey (John, live, 1972)
Speaker: Ringo Starr goes on with his career as an actor. First Wings' gigs in the British universities.
Michelle (Paul, studio clip, 1973)
Speaker: Paul & Linda are filmed in a pub, singing with the assembled company... The police seizes cannabis in Paul's garden...
Band On The Run (Wings, live)
Speaker: Ringo Starr is the only Beatle who succeeds in gathering all the Fabs on his new solo album.
You're Sixteen (Ringo, clip, 1974)
Speaker: Lennon gives up militancy and starts drinking... Back to his roots, he records a rock'n'roll album.
Slippin' And Slidin' (John, recording session, 1975)
Stand By Me (John, recording session, 1975)
Peggy Sue (Paul, rehearsal, 1975)
Speaker: John has difficulties to return to the US. He retires from public life and focuses on raising his son Sean.
Imagine (John, last TV live appearance, 1975)
Speaker: Wings reach the top of the charts. Their World Tour is a triumphant success.
Silly Love Songs (Wings, live, 1976)
Speaker: George Harrison is sued for plagiarism: his song My Sweet Lord seems to plagiarize He's So Fine by the Chiffons.
The Love (George, clip, 1976)
This Song (George, clip, 1976)
Here Comes The Sun (George with Paul Simon, TV live)
Speaker: Paul goes on reaching the top of the charts.
Mull Of Kintyre (Wings, clip TV, 1977)
Paul's interview : his drug arrest in Japan in 1980.
Speaker: John comes back in 1980 with a new album, Double Fantasy. John is murdered. Paul still produces...
Ebony And Ivory (Paul and Stevie Wonder, video clip, 1982)
So Bad (Paul, Linda and Ringo Starr, clip)
Speaker: Paul produces Give My Regards To Broad Street.
Eleanor Rigby (Paul, video clip from the film, 1984)
Paul's interview : he explains how Michael Jackson bought the edition rights of the Beatles' songs.
Say Say Say (Paul and Michael Kackson, video clip, 1983)
Speaker: Paul and George perform on stage again, each one on his side.
Glad All Over (George Harrison with Carl Perkins, Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton, studio live)
Get Back (Paul performs this song with Tina Turner at the Royal Concert in 1986)
Speaker: more and more, each solo Beatle comes back to his old Beatles' repertoire.
When We Was Fab (George, clip, 1988)
My Brave Face (Paul records with Elvis Costello)
My Brave Face (Paul rehearses with his band before the '89 World Tour)
Give Peace A Chance (Paul, live, 1990)
Let It Be (Paul, live, 1989/1990)