McCartney : Les Enfants Du Rock - 1986

Prince's Trust in 1986

Broadcast TV Channel Year Length
Les Enfants Du Rock Antenne 2 1986 42 min
Video Clips M6 1993 11 min
Culture Rock - 
McCartney's Saga
M6 1993 28 min



1- Les Enfants Du Rock, Antenne 2, 1986

This broadcast features Philippe Manoeuvre, french rock journalist, who interviews Paul McCartney. The interview is interrupted by various videos and TV performances :

I Saw Her Standing There - Paul at the Prince's Trust - live, 1986
Interview: Paul talks about the shooting of the Press video.
Press (clip)
A Hard Day's Night (Beatles, movie's beginning)
You Can't Do That (Beatles, TV live)
Can't Buy Me Love (Beatles, TV live)
Baby's In Black (Beatles, TV live: Ready Steady Go)
Ticket To Ride (Beatles, clip)
Day Tripper (Beatles, clip)

Interview: Paul's souvenirs from the Beatles' performance at the Olympia in Paris, 1964.
Twist And Shout (Beatles, TV live)
Lucille (Little Richard, TV live)

Interview: Pauls talks about Little Richard and his influence on The Beatles.
Long Tall Sally- Paul at the Prince's Trust - live, 1986
Interview: Paul about Michael Jackson who bought the rights of the Beatles' songbook
Say Say Say (clip)
Interview: Paul talks about his own image (the gentle one) and John's image (the tough one)
Interview: Paul's Japan incident in 1980.
No More Lonely Nights (clip)
Interview: Paul about the Rolling Stones break-up.
Macca Medley 71-86 (various images)
Yesterday - Wings live, 1976

Interview: Paul explains how he composed Yesterday.
Get Back - Paul at the Prince's Trust - live, 1986

2- Video Clips, M6, 1993

Penny Lane (Beatles, clip)
Pas d'Papier Water (Beadochons, clip)
Hope Of Deliverance (Paul, clips)

3- Culture Rock - McCartney's Saga, M6, 1993

"Saga" of Paul McCartney, broadcasted by French M6 TV channel for the outcome of Paul's new album, Off The Ground :

Various images from the Beatles' break-up.
Interview: Paul is on his own after the Beatles' break-up.
The James Paul McCartney TV Show (Extracts from Wings' TV show in 1973)
Blackbird (Wings, clip)
Hi Hi Hi (Wings, live in London, 1973)
Lucille (First Wings' rehearsal in 1971)
Wild Life (Wings, live in 1972)
Paul & Linda (filmed in a pub, singing with the assembled company)
Band On The Run (Wings live in 1976)
Go Now (Wings live in 1976)
Back To The Egg (Wings, Promotional clip)
Ebony And Ivory / Say Say Say / Mull Of Kintyre (medley of clips)
Paul's interview just after the Japan incident.
Put It There (Studio live, from the Put It There video)
Paul's return to Liverpool: he receives the "Freedom of the City"
The Long And Winding Road (Paul live in 89)
Can't Buy Me Love (Paul live, 30 June 1990, at Knebworth concert)

Hey Jude (Paul live, 30 June 1990, at Knebworth concert)