From Rio To Liverpool

Time : 50 min
Produced by : MPL Communications LTD. 1990

Paul in Rio

This MPL documentary is about Paul McCartney's World Tour '90. It focuses on all the organization which was set up for this tour and also features some live performances by Paul and his band. Some interviews are given by Paul, Hamish, Wix and other members of the crew.

The documentary begins with the recalling of the concert at the Maracana Stadium in Brazil on April 21st, 1990. Two days before, a torrential rain has begun to fall, and nobody can yet ensure that the show of tonight will really happen. The rain is so strong that the crew has tremendous difficulties to put up the stage. A previous date (April 19) has already been cancelled because of the rain. But that night, at the very moment when Paul and his band come on stage, the rain stops by a miracle. The show is finally attended by 184.000 people, thus establishing a new world record for the largest concert given in the history of rock'n'roll.

The camera films two live performances, Jet (excerpt) and Things We Said Today (excerpt).

The next part of the documentary describes the whole logistics behind Paul's tour. The camera films the MPL army at work: the roadies who assemble the stage and tune the band's instruments. 17 trucks and 250 workers are necessary to handle the material which is carried by air (a 178 000 kgs-freight). 

Security is ensured by 365 people and Paul is permanently accompanied by 7 dedicated bodyguards.

Paul talks about his tour: he is happy and surprised not being nervous before the shows (he was nervous when he was playing with The Beatles...)

Paul himself oversees all the preparations for the shows, especially the soundcheck which generally becomes a private concert for the crew before the show... and which provides a few moments of relaxation. The camera shoots Paul performing Matchbox (complete) during one of the soundchecks.

The camera then films the loges of the artist. In Philadelphia, the mayor of the City meets Paul in his loge before the concert. Paul asks the maire for the permission to make "bangs" during the performance of Live And Let Die, as he did in 1976 with Wings at the same place. In spite of the severe security orders in Philadelphia, Paul's request is accepted. Then the mayor offers the keys of the City to Paul.

Next, the documentary focuses on Paul and "politics". Paul explains that he wants to give sense to his tour. Thus he supports the association "Friends Of The Earth" who struggles to preserve our environment and who fights against tropical rainforest destruction. An excerpt of the Rio concert features Paul talking to the crowd and explaining his support to "Friends Of The Earth". Paul and Linda are interviewed about their endorsement of vegetarian life style.

The documentary comes back to the backstage atmosphere before the shows. We see the band gathering in a ritual "Woopsy" incantation before entering the stage (like a rugby team before kick-off). Paul and the band perform Birthday (complete, excerpt form the Rio's concert).

After the Maracana's concert, the band have a party in the bus in which they are leaving Rio. The bus takes Paul to the airport where his private jet is waiting for him. After many shows in that year 1990, Paul will have two months of rest.

Paul in Rio

Two months later, the tour must go on. Paul prepares his comeback to his home town Liverpool for a concert scheduled on June 28th, 1990. Before that, a rehearsal is set up with the concert of Glasgow which is scheduled on June 23rd. The camera films the rehearsals and the complete live performance of Mull Of Kintyre from that night. The benefits of the Glasgow's concert are granted to charity associations. We see Paul and Linda meeting handiccaped persons. A comment from the documentary explains that a nice programme booklet of hundred pages was given free of charge to all people who attended the numerous World Tour concerts.

Paul is now ready for the Liverpool's concert. He needs a big place for a large audience. It appears to him that the banks of the River Mersey are suitable for such a concert, thus he decides to build a huge stage, there at King's Dock. Paul talks about Liverpool and about the changes that occured since the Beatles' era. He reminds the latest concert that he performed in Liverpool eleven years ago (with Wings).

The documentary features Paul performing C Moon (complete) during the Liverpool soundcheck. Then comes an excerpt of the press conference held by Paul before the show (Paul is joined by George Martin later during this conference). Paul explains that the benefits of the Liverpool's concert will be granted to the performing arts school of Liverpool and to some other charity associations.

Next comes an interview of Paul about his thoughts relating to critics and public. Paul explains that he wants to perform a special tribute to John Lennon during tonight's show in Liverpool, since John would have reached 50 this year. The tribute will be songs that are "very John". The documentary ends with the complete live performance of Paul's tribute at King's Dock, Liverpool, on June 28th, 1990. Paul performs Strawberry Fields Forever, Help! and Give Peace A Chance in front of 50,000 fans.

The MPL documentary "From Rio To Liverpool" will be transmitted in the UK on Channel 4 on December 17, 1990.