Answer correctly 70% of the following questions and you will open the fifth and final Secret Vault !

1. On what Beatles solo album does guitarist Hugh McCracken play?

    Double Fantasy 


    Both Of Them

    None Of Them


2. At what place started the "Wings Over Europe Tour" in 1972 ?

Chateau Vallon, France 

    Munich, Germany

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Copenhagen, Denmark


3. Paul is a very well-know bass guitarist, but he's also a very good electric guitar player. 
What Beatles' song features Paul as a lead guitarist ?

    Ticket To Ride

    Another Girl

    Back In The USSR

    The three of them


4. In 1960, who among The Beatles played piano most of the time during the gigs ?



   Stuart Sutcliffe

   Piano was not used


5. This photo features Paul and family arriving in St. Tropez, France, on May 12th, 1971. What are they here for ?

    Starting the "Wings Over Europe Tour"

    Spending some holidays in France

    Attending Mick Jagger's Wedding

    Finishing the "Wings Over Europe Tour"


6. On this photo, Paul performs live at a UNESCO benefit concert. When did this happen?


    In 1972

   in 1975

    in 1976

    in 1979

7. Here's a photo of Paul & Linda (center) at daughter Stella's fashion show in Paris. They are flanked by two of their children. Who are they ?

   There is only Mary McCartney

    Stella and James

    Heather and James

    Mary and James


8. There are some Beatles' songs which were recorded by only one or two members of the group. "Yesterday" may be the famoust one. "The Ballad Of John And Yoko" is one of them. This song was recorded by:

John And Yoko

    John and George

    John and Paul

    John alone 


9. What are the genealogic origins of Paul McCartney?






10. Paul performed "Coming Up" at the Apollo Theatre in Glasgow on December 17, 1979. At the end of the performance, the Scottish audience shouted repeatedly " Paul McCartney!...Paul McCartney!...Paul McCartney!..." and Paul answered:

    Kenny Dalglish!...Kenny Dalglish!...

    John MacCormick!...John MacCormick!...

    Paul McKenzie!...Paul McKenzie!...

    Well, it's time now, we've got to get the bus!