Answer correctly 70% of the following questions and you will open the third Secret Vault !

1. When was  "Maybe I'm Amazed" released as a single for the first time?

    In 1970, for the promotion of the "McCartney" album 

    In 1977, as a live version for promoting "Wings Over America"

    In 1987, for promoting Paul's new compilation "All The Best"

    It was never released as a single


2. What was the last McCartney's album to reach n1 in the charts (US or UK)?

    Flaming Pie

    Standing Stone


    Working Classical


3. These four songs are on the album "Run Devil Run". Which song was not written by Paul?

    No Other Baby

    Try Not To Cry

    What It Is

    Run Devil Run


4. On this video snapshot, whom is Paul trying to imitate?

   John Lennon

   Buddy Holly

   Hank Marvin

   Elvis Costello


5. In Paul's early lyrics for "Eleanor Rigby", what was the name of the priest character?

    Father John

    Father McKenzie

    Father McCartney

    Father McCarthy


6. Which of the Beatles' songs is the only one to be credited to "McCartney/Harrison"?


    Cry For A Shadow

   For You Blue

    Do You Want To Know A Secret?

    In Spite Of All The Danger 

7. One of Paul's most famous numbers, "Let It Be", is a song  about :

   The Beatles' break-up

    Virgin Mary

    Paul's mother Mary



8. Which of these names was not a Wings' guitarist name?

    Jimmy McCullough

    Henry McCullough

    Jimmy McCulloch

    Laurence Juber 


9. What is the name of the baby on this photo?






10. Which of these songs was not inspired by Linda McCartney?

    Lovely Linda

    I'm Looking Through You

    My Love

    Two Of Us