Answer correctly 70% of the following questions and you will open the second Secret Vault !

1. "There You Are, Eddie" is an unfinished song that Paul wrote. To whom does "Eddie" refer?

Eddie Cochran, one of John & Paul's idols

    Eddie Klein, a sound engineer who is used to work with Paul

    Eddie Murphy, who covered "Good Day Sunshine" in '92

    Eddie, one of Paul's dogs


2. During the "Let It Be" recording sessions, Paul had sat at the piano and begun playing an improvised boogie-woogie song and was immediately joined by another Beatle. They played for a couple of minutes and the song was later copyrighted and given the title "Jazz Piano Song". To whom was this song credited?


    Lennon / McCartney

    McCartney / Starkey

    McCartney / Lennon


3. The first number performed by The Beatles on the radio (8 March 1962) featured Paul on the lead vocal.  What was the title of this song?

Dream Baby

    Besame Mucho 

    Love Me Do

    How Do You Do It?


4. In May 2000, Paul recorded a cover of an Elvis classic for an album tribute to the Sun Records label in 2001. What was the title of this classic ?

   That's Alright Mama

   All Shook Up

   Love Me Tender

   Jailhouse Rock


5. Duane Eddy, famous rock guitarist from New York, is well-known for hits like "Shazam" or "Peter Gunn". He also recorded a cover of a McCartney's song with the help of Paul. What was the title of this cover?

Girls' School

    Rockestra Theme

    Spin It On

    So Glad To See You Here


6. Which of these songs is not credited as a collaboration between McCartney and Denny Laine?

    London Town

    No Words

    Mull Of Kintyre

    Spirits Of Ancient Egypt 


7. Which of these albums hit n1 both in the UK and in the US (classical charts) ?

   The Liverpool Oratorio

    Standing Stone

    The Family Way

    Working Classical


8. Paul's father, Jim McCartney, was himself a good musician. What instrument did he play ?






9. The following titles are all songs from Ringo's solo albums . Which of these songs was not written by Paul McCartney ?

    Private Property

    Six O'Clock

    Pure Gold

    Wrack My Brain


Ringo joins Paul on stage during a Wings' concert in L.A., 1976

10. David Gilmour (ex-Pink Floyd) played electric guitar on several tracks performed by Paul McCartney. Which of these tunes does not feature Gilmour as guitarist ?

    I Love This House

    We Got Married

    If You Wanna

    Run Devil Run