Answer correctly 70% of the following questions and you will open the Secret Vault !

1. Which songs were performed live by Paul before their official release?

    Soily and Silly Love Songs

    Soily and Spint It On

    Coming Up and No Other Baby

    Coming Up and My Brave Face


2. Which was Paul McCartney's first album to reach the first place in the US charts ?



    Red Rose Speedway

    Band On The Run


3. Where does Paul's nickname "Macca" come from ?

    His nickname was given to him by Ringo Starr

    Macca is a common nickname for anyone in Liverpool having a name beginning with 'Mac' or 'Mc'

    His nickname was given to him by his younger brother Michael

    Macca was the stage name that Paul used when playing in Hamburg with The Beatles in 1960


4. Which of these Paul's songs was written after 1960 ?

   Things We Said Today

   Hot As Sun

   When I'm Sixty-Four

   I'll Follow The Sun


5. Which of these Paul's songs was not co-written with someone else ?

    Write Away

    My Brave Face


    Young Boy


6. Paul was backed by some famous guest stars when recording "Rockestra Theme" 
      in 1978. Which of these artists did not attend the session ?

    David Gilmour

    Hank Marvin

    Pete Townshend

    Phil Collins


7. Which song of Paul didn't hit n1 and only climbed to n2 (UK charts) ?

   Eleanor Rigby

    Penny Lane

    Hello Goodbye

    Lady Madonna


8. Who among the Beatles described Paul's song "Coming Up" as "a good piece of work" ?

    Ringo Starr

    George Harrison

    John Lennon

    None of them


9. One of Paul's show during his World Tour '90 was certified as 
     "the largest paying audience ever to see a rock concert by a single artist". 
      This concert was at :

    Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan

    Maracana Stadium, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

    Wembley Arena, London, UK

    Berkeley Memorial Stadium, Berkeley, US


10. What was the very first bass guitar used by Paul with The Beatles ?

    a "4001S Rickenbacker" bass

    a "'63 Hofner 500/1" bass

    a "Wal 5-string" bass

    a "Model 7" bass