Book Cover The Beatles : A Celebration

Author : Geoffrey Giuliano
Editor : Wellfleet Press
Date : 1992
Language : English
Pages : 240

No other event had a greater effect on modern popular culture than Beatlemania. It permeated every level of society on a global scale. The Fab Four were demigods to an entire generation. The evidence is everywhere. No other musician's death was mourned more deeply than John Lennon's. Paul McCartney is today the world's wealthiest recording artist. Although they live in relative seclusion, George Harrison and Ringo Starr continue to garner headlines with their every move.
There have been hundred of volumes published on the Beatles both as a group and as individuals. But none has amassed to such an extent the icons of their time.
The Beatles : A Celebration is the ultimate tribute to that time.

Gathered from one of the world's largest private collections of Beatle memorabilia, the book includes never-before-published interviews with friends, relatives and co-workers of the Beatles; exclusive photographs of the Beatles in the studio; rare examples of rejected album cover designs and posters; handwritten lyrics sheets and letters; and samples of artwork by members of the band, many have never before reproduced in book form. Highlights include interviews conducted by the author with George Harrison, Yoko Ono, Mike McCartney, and Julian Lennon; with Paddy Delaney, the original bouncer at the Cavern, Tom McKenzie, the Beatles' compere, Shambu Das, tutor to George Harrison on sitar, Alistair Taylor, Apple Corps's office manager, and Peter Brown, personal assistant and friend of the Beatles; extensive biographies of George Martin and Brian Epstein that give new information about their lives; and an in-depth look at the Beatles as artists and at the spiritual aspect of the Beatles' lives.
The Beatles : A Celebration provides the most up-to-date information on what the Fab Three and Yoko Ono are doing today.
(excerpt from inside cover)