My Concerns About People Saying Ignorant Myths About The Beatles

by Carolyn Hoffman

As I wrote in your guest book, I have been a huge highly impressed Beatles fan,especially John and Paul fan since I was 9 and I got my first Beatles book for my 11th birhday and I had every album by age 13. I was born in 1965 during the middle of their recording career though. I have always loved *all* of The Beatles music from the early period to their very different but equally great later period.I recently saw a post on a guy's blog that The Beatles are the # 1 selling artists in's Hall Of Fame. U2 are # 2 and The Rolling Stones are # 10. Both of thee groups are still together and but The Beatles timeless great music endures 35 years after they split up!

I have been finding a very distressingly large amount of people mostly young people on many different music review and other sites,saying such ridiculous,totally ignorant,inaccurate things about The Beatles. And I'm realy not just talking about people's "opinions" but total inaccurate neagative myths and garbage about them. I can't really believe what I'm reading and it's like they surely must have The Beatles mixed up with the Osmond Brothers or The Bay City Rollers. There are so many people who irrationally hate The Beatles and the things they say and the way they write it,it's unreal! There is even a young guy who made a web site called,The Beatles Do Not Suck!! where he debunks these inaccurate myths that they were a boy band etc.

What keeps coming up on many sites is mostly young people saying they suck are crap and they were just a manufactured "pop boy band" like NYSNC or The Back Street Boys! A guy just recently posted saying he always though they were overrated too and refered to them as being like New Kids On The Block?! John Lennon's ashes must really be turning wherever they are from all of this insulting total inaccurate bull that's being said about them! It really would have been news to him that he wasn't the founder and leader of a true *ROCK* band not a pop boy band! It's an insult to his memory! As,John always said he just really loved rock n roll and all of The Beatles idols were the early rock pioneers,Chuck Berry who John especially loved,Little Richard,Buddy Holly and Elvis.

Anyone who knows their roots and history knows they were a genuine rock band from the start,and they played 8 hours a night in the sleazy clubs in Hamburg Germany often in Strip clubs,wearing tight black leather jackets and pants,smoking,cursing and eating on stage.Plus playing in the Cavern Club for a couple of years before they made it big. And that the cleaned up image Brian Epstein created was not based on reality and that in fact they were very wild in their personal lives going to bed with many young groupies etc.

There are even several Rolling Stones fans saying this exact same thing on a Roling Stones fan site run by this guy named Ken. He also debunked this boy band nonsense and called it hogwash to a young guy who said this on his site and told him as for the rest of what he said about them,he has no clue about The Beatles.

But what's even more ludicrous about saying they suck,is that just about every rock and music critic,many other well known musicians,and milions of people have recognized John Lennon and Paul McCartney as extraordinarily talented song writers and singers and Paul a great bass player! Even brilliant classical composer and conducter Leonard Berstein said John and Paul were the two most talented song composers of the 20th century. So did Brian Wilson and Elton John on US TV shows. Even Ozzy Osbourne is quoted in a 2001 online Bender Magzine interview saying Paul McCartney is a genuis and The Beatles are the greatest band to ever walk this earth! At least 6 music professors are teaching courses on The Beatles at good Universities.

One is award winning music professor and classical composer Dr.Glen Gass at Indiania University. He called me back in March and left a message on my answering machine and he said that I don't have to worry The Beatles popularity isn't going away,that he knows 20 year olds who love them because they really love their music. He said there was a backlash to the popularity of their 1 CD a few years ago but he said it's like any great thing like Beethoven they will be around and liked forever.Dr. Gary Kendal's Beatles course at North Western University is the most requested course at the university.

I do find many posts on music review and Beatles fan sites from teenagers and college age Beatles fans though. And I have found 42 former Beatles hater's posts on web sites that say they are now big Beatles fans. They say they heard a lot of this same inaccurate garbage from other people and are now sorry they had listened and most hadn't even heard most of their music.Some had,and then at the age of 30 they said they started to like and appreciate them.

Carolyn Hoffman.