The Complete Beatles Chronicle The Complete Beatles Chronicle

Author : Mark Lewisohn
Editor : Chancellor Press
Date : 1996
Language : English
Pages : 368

This is the Bible which any Beatles fan seeks ! It's well admitted that Lewisohn's masterpiece is a unique reference for what the life of the Beatles was between 1957 and early 1970. This very acurate chronicle includes many details and photographs about the Beatles' career, encompassing every stage, TV and radio appearance, and of course, every recording session. This document is complementary to another reference previously worked out by Lewisohn, "The Beatles: Recording Sessions".

"Of all the chroniclers who have studied the lives of John, Paul, George and Ringo, Mark Lewisohn stands supreme. His dedication in getting all the true facts and cataloguing them, coupled with a style of writing that is most readable, leaves him with no rival. Time and again, he has proven that he knows far more about what we did and when we did it than any of us. His book on the Beatle's recording sessions is an authoritative journal that I find invaluable. So many other books have been written about the lives of the Beatles that are less than truthful and a great deal of misinformed rubbish has been avidly devoured. We are fortunate to have Mark's scholarship. We need have no fears about his latest work, The Complete Beatles Chronicle; it will be as accurate as it is detailed."
(George Martin)