This section features my personnal home-made compilations of McCartney's titles. Some of those songs were taken from my collection of CD bootlegs and beatlegs, others were downloaded from the Net (MP3 format) and decoded to a CD audio format.

1999 - Cavern Gig



Buddy & The Beetles   This 2-CD set gathers all (or most of) the Buddy Holly's songs covered by The Beatles and by the Fabs during their solo career.  
From Age To Age   Various live performances by Paul McCartney from 1985 to 2002 and some bonus singles at the end of CD 2.  
Japan 2002   This is an unordered sampling of various titles performed by Paul in Japan between November 13rd and November 18th 2002.  
Oobu Joobu - Best Of Rehearsals  

Various rehearsals, soundchecks, parodies and studio outtakes edited from the Oobu Joobu Series. Extra chats from the Radio broadcast were removed for the most part. As a bonus on CD #4 is the recording of an exclusive rehearsal that took place in March 2003. 

Welcome To The Soundcheck   Various performances at soundcheck during Paul's latest world tours.