Martha was Paul's legendary Old English sheepdog.

Paul and Linda often took Martha for a walk in Regent's Park.

In 1993, Paul and an Old English sheepdog (Martha's  descendant?) were photographed walking on the famous Abbey Road's pedestrian crossing. Then the snapshot was used for the cover of Paul's album: Paul Is Live.

  Regent's Park: Paul and Martha photographed by Linda.
    Regent's Park : Paul and Martha photographed by Linda.
Photograph session at Paul's home, 7 Cavendish avenue, on  8/28/68  

One of the best Beatles' album is released in late 1968 : it's a double LPs simply called "
The Beatles".

The first track of the second LP is a composition by Paul entitled "Martha My Dear". This is a Paul McCartney thirties-influenced song whose heroine took her name from Paul's sheepdog.

The song is a very nice and romantic piano piece with an accompaniment of brass and string musicians.

Photograph session at Paul's home on 8/28/68.