Laurence Juber

Laurence Juber started his carreer with Afterglow, an obscure psychedelic band based in Oregon and formed in Los Angeles, 1965. Afterglow released only one album in 1968 before vanishing.

[... In 1978 Juber won an audition to become lead guitarist for Paul McCartney's Wings. He recorded and toured for three years, earning rave notices for his work on the hit singles Goodnight Tonight and Coming Up, and on the album Back To The Egg, winning a Grammy award for Best Rock Instrumental for the track Rockestra Theme. After McCartney folded Wings in 1981, Juber relocated to the Los Angeles area to raise a family and to concentrate on composing and studio work ....] 
(excerpt from Juber's WEB site a )
  Paul and Laurence recording....
    Laurence and Paul recording for the Back To The Egg album.
Laurence Juber in 1997  
Laurence Juber composed nine acoustic guitar instrumental cd's, all featuring his unique fingerstyle technique.
The folk, jazz, pop and classical styles of his albums always received good reviews from the press.

uber tours extensively in support of these releases in the United States and Europe

He was recently rewarded with the "#1 Fingerstyle Guitarist of the Year" prize for 1999.

Solo Flight (1990) and Naked Guitar (2000) are probably his two best albums.

A compilation of his best solos, duet and trio works has recently been released with his The Collection album.

Beatles' fans will also probably appreciate his LJ Plays The Beatles album (2000) featuring classic songs arranged by Laurence.

Laurence Juber performing in 1997.